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You are in Chicago, you want to whiten your teeth, you don’t want to do it yourself, but you don’t know who to see, what do you do? You could start with the phone book or a physician’s directory. You could probably walk around the block and see at least one advertisement for cosmetic dentistry. The ways and means to whiten your teeth professionally are yours for the taking. Chicago boasts availability of every service, every desire, and every need fulfilled. That is not much of an exaggeration Chicago has it all.

With so many choices available in Chicago, take a poll of the dental practices and compare.

Professional teeth whitening can be a costly adventure, so why shouldn’t you compare prices. If you are undecided on the exact dental procedure, the price just may make up your mind. Research the reputation of the clinic. Ask how long the office staff has been with the firm. A low employee turnover rate is an excellent indicator of the quality of the professional. What exactly do you want done, dental veneers, replacement fillings, a makeover, or other topical teeth whitening procedure? Some clinics will probably specialize in certain procedures or may offer convenient hours. With so many choices available, choosing a clinic might come down to hours, location, or staff.

I would consider the teeth whitening procedure I wanted then I would check out my options. Chicago has more than one medical teaching facility. These facilities offer medical services, including cosmetic dentistry, at discounted rates. You should find out if there are any trials offered. Trials are just what the name implies. There is a teeth-whitening procedure being developed, and at a certain point in the trial, it can begin to include the public. If you meet certain qualifications for the particular study, then you can be either a volunteer or a paid participant.

Another idea you might consider when shopping for your dental professional is:

Does the clinic offer any service not offered by the other clinics? What sets one clinic apart from another? Maybe they offer nice, big, comfortable dentist chairs, or maybe they guarantee you pain free service? Is anything offered to make you feel special for choosing this clinic? There are numerous clinics in Chicago, which one gives you the ultimate teeth whitening experience? What about the newer clinics? Consider trading for services or requesting a discount for referrals or advertising. Models in ads are paid a nice tidy sum for their pictures. A newer clinic might be willing to offer a substantial discount if you agree to be in an ad or commercial. The clinic may give you a discount for active referrals or offer a discount if you pay in cash. Both of these are becoming more and more popular in the medical field where competition is tough.

The internet, the phone book, or a physician referral guide will result in multiple, numerous, “too many to count choices.“

Once you’ve considered the reputation of a clinic and the type of teeth whitening procedures available, you have to find a good way to narrow down the choices. Considering “all things being equal” why not use other factors to make your choice? It may be a little thing that brings you to them. Why shouldn’t you consider the extra’s the clinic offers. It is your teeth being whitened. Your hard-earned money will pay for this procedure. Make your choice based on the facts, what makes you comfortable and the cost. Teeth whitening is their business, where you shop is yours, make it their’s.

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