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Ways to whiten your teeth at Home

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Most people are easily taken in by a dazzling smile. A particular person may not have great looks, but we may find ourselves charmed by him or her anyway just because he or she has a great smile and a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Many manufacturers of commercial tooth whitening products have marketed their stuff on the basis that it is highly desirable to have shiny white teeth for that brilliant smile.

You can settle for these commercial teeth whitening products if you want, especially if you have the money to spare on them for teeth whitening and if you really want to improve the quality of your smile. Commercial teeth whitening products, after all, can be quite effective in removing the yellowish or brownish stains on your teeth.

However, not everyone can afford to buy these commercial teeth whitening products. If that is your case, you do not have to worry. Nature has a way of fixing a lot of things, and there are many home remedies that you can turn to for teeth whitening.

1. Strawberries for Teeth Whitening

If you search the Internet, you may be surprised at the number of home remedies for teeth whitening. Some of these home remedies for teeth whitening are things you have probably already heard of before, either from watching television or from your own mother.

Many of the ingredients you will encounter that are used for teeth whitening home remedies are fruits.

The logic is that the fruits used for teeth whitening remedies contain acids that oxidize the stains from your teeth, thus making them appear whiter. It does not matter how you use that fruit; it is the acid component of the fruit that matters in teeth whitening.

Let us take for example the strawberry. Many people swear by the strawberry as an effective teeth whitener. A lot of people who adhere to natural teeth whitening remedies tout the strawberry as Mother Nature’s very own teeth whitening fruit. Just rub a slice of strawberry against your teeth and you would immediately see an obvious lightening. The acid in the strawberry acts as a teeth whitening agent that oxidizes the stains from your teeth’s surface.

There are a handful of ways by which you can use the strawberry as a teeth whitener. You can grind it to a paste and then brush it directly on your teeth. Some people prefer to mix their strawberry teeth whitener with baking soda, which is another teeth whitening agent, before brushing the paste on their teeth.

Other Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

If you do not have strawberries at home that you can use for teeth whitening, another good fruit to use as a wholesale teeth whitening agent is the orange peel. The orange peel is a very simple teeth whitening remedy. All you need to do in using it as a teeth whitener is to rub the peel against your teeth.

There is one acidic fruit that you should never use as a teeth whitener, and that is the lemon. The acid in lemon can eat away at the enamel, thus leading to damage and cavities. No matter what others say, the acid in lemon is just too strong for use for teeth whitening.

Gargling water mixed with rock salt is another home remedy that you can use for teeth whitening. The process of teeth whitening using rock salt as your teeth whiteners is a long one, but if you do it consistently, rock salt is an effective teeth whitening agent as well.

No matter what home remedy you use for teeth whitening, however, the best way that you can get your pearly whites is to visit a dentist. Only a dentist would know the best teeth whitening remedy for you.

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