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  Your teeth will be bleached between 3 - 6 shades whiter 10 days or less or money back! Its our promise!
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"My teeth before
where a mess! After just 7 days my teeth where 6 shades
- Jessica Vanhanson
"I have used every teeth whitening system
available and I have finally found one that works..."
- Jeff Sornson
Your Teeth will be between 3 to 8 shades whiter within 10 days or less or money back....
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Tooth Whitening System - Good for Anybody
Worried about discolored teeth? Embarrassed at the thought of smiling with those stained teeth? Don’t worry about that anymore because teeth whitening systems are available in the market to restore ‘that’ white color so that you no longer feel embarrassed while smiling. Nowadays, a variety of teeth whitening systems are easily available that can help restore white color of your teeth.

There are many reasons as to why your teeth discolor over the years. Food intake, drug usage, drinks, age and stress are some of the reasons that eventually results in this problem.

Teeth whitening has now become a common dental cosmetic procedure to get whiter and brighter teeth. Teeth whitening procedures is good for almost anybody with few exceptions:

  • Pregnant ladies: The effect of tooth whitening procedures is still unknown for pregnant ladies thus it is advisable that pregnant ladies should avoid it.

  • Age: Generally, it is non-advisable to have teeth whitening procedure for age of 16 or below.

  • Sensitive or allergic teeth: Those having sensitive gums and teeth should get an advice of a doctor before going ahead with whitening procedure. If your tooth is allergic to peroxide than it is advisable not to use bleach methods.

  • Damaged teeth: You may require crown or dental veneers before attempting teeth whitening.

Success of teeth whitening systems depends on how careful you are after having gone through with teeth whitening procedure. Brushing your teeth regularly after meals for at least a month is important to keep your teeth white and healthy. Also, avoid intake of harmful products like wine or tobacco. Most of the teeth whitening systems show gradual change and not immediate so you should be patient with the results and effectiveness of teeth whitening system.

When opting for tooth whitening procedure you should get appropriate information of different treatments available in the market. You will find both expensive and cheap options as well as easy to use or requiring professional help. Some of the different types of teeth whitening system available are: teeth whitening gels, whitening strips, teeth whitening products, laser teeth whitening procedure, Dental supervision gel treatment and many more.

All of these systems have their own pros and cons.

  • Teeth whitening strips are inexpensive and easy to use. It is easily available in the market. Furthermore, the whitening formula used is considered to be professional and safe as well. The only disadvantage is that it may take longer time than expected to give results. The cost of teeth whitening strips is between $10 and $55.

  • Teeth whitening products is another inexpensive option. It uses mild bleaching solution and can be applied directly onto a brush. The disadvantage lies in the fact that its gentle action makes it less effective. The cost is approximately $15 per product.

  • Teeth whitening trays are effective and needs to be placed in your mouth for just thirty minutes per day. A minor disadvantage is that it is uncomfortable.

  • Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive procedure but gives you immediate results. You can get perfect white teeth immediately but at the same time it can cause temporary allergy, soar gum, irritation, sensitivity and many more. The cost can be as high as $1000.

  • Dental supervision is less costly as compared with laser teeth whitening procedure. You can get guidance of a professional who will give you a customized tooth tray that can whiten your teeth. This procedure can cost you between $200 and $600 per month.

The number of teeth whitening procedure available makes it affordable and effective for almost anyone who wishes to have a perfect white smile.

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