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Teeth whitening products are viable solutions for people who want to improve the quality of their smile but could not afford professional teeth whitening treatments. These teeth whitening products are readily available; you can buy them from any drugstore that has them, or you can order them online. Most of all, these teeth whitening products are generally much cheaper than getting a professional tooth whitening treatment.

Many people find that it is important to achieve a pearly white smile. Not only does a smile adorned with brilliant white teeth make you look more attractive, but it also adds a lot to your confidence. Unfortunately, teeth do have the tendency to stain over the years as a result of the food we eat, the lifestyle choices we make and, sometimes, the medication that we take. But this is nothing to worry about. There are so many teeth whitening products that can help you alleviate your worries about stained teeth.

The Advantages of Tooth Whitening Products

Professional teeth whitening treatments are still the most desired when it comes to getting your pearly whites. They may be a tad expensive, but you are sure to get lasting results in no time. A single teeth whitening treatment done by a cosmetic dentist typically takes no more than an hour, and after the treatment, you would be able to see your teeth whitening by at least seven shades. This method of teeth whitening is not only effective but also painless and poses very minimal risk.

However, not everyone can afford professional tooth whitening as done by a Cosmetic Dentist. This is where the main advantage of the teeth whitening products that you can buy online or from a drugstore lies. These OTC teeth whitening products are much more affordable.

They can also be used easily at home.

The typical teeth whitening products that you get to use at home are either a teeth whitening kit or a simple teeth whitening toothpaste. A teeth whitening kit often consists of tooth whitening gel and a tray that is used as a mold. All you have to do is to mold the tray against your teeth and make sure that the tray fits correctly. Once the tray is fitted to your liking, you fill the tray with the tooth whitening gel and wear it closely against your teeth.

As for the tooth whitening toothpaste, you simply need to brush your teeth with them at least twice a day and you can get the tooth whitening effect that you want.

What to Expect from Tooth Whitening Products

With a professional tooth whitening treatment, you can see obvious and visible results from the tooth whitening treatment right after the treatment itself. You will literally leave your dentist’s clinic with the pearly white smile that you want.

This is not the same with at-home tooth whitening products. It takes time for these tooth whitening products to take effect, and you have to be consistent with using them.

Teeth whitening kits need to be worn for 15 to 30 minutes every day for at least 14 days straight before you can get your teeth to lose the seven shades that you can expect to get rid of when you get your teeth whitened through an in-clinic teeth whitening treatment. If you stop your at-home teeth whitening treatment at any point, the treatment may relapse, and you would have to do the entire process all over again.

Tooth whitening toothpaste can take a month or two to yield visible results. Again, brushing your teeth with tooth whitening toothpaste must be done at least twice a day, or you will not get the pearly whites that you want.

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