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Teeth Whitening in New York City

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Teeth Whitening in New York City

Teeth whitening is one of the most popularly requested procedure in New York City. It is an affordable method that can give noticeably whiter teeth within hours. Well, it also leaves your teeth clean and glossy, something that you probably cannot achieve with any other regular whiteners.

Teeth whitening are done in New York City using some of the latest technologies available and also state-of-the-art equipments. Together, this results in an extraordinary creation that clearly marks the blend of advanced medical science, cosmetic dentistry and artistry.

The teeth whitening procedures are quite simple and easy to be performed. With the help of some of the leading cosmetic dentists in New York City, it is now possible to remove the stains and marks from the layers of your teeth to achieve significant whiteness.

About Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth whitening is performed by cosmetic dentists in New York City, of all the cosmetic dentists residing in this area. Dr. Elliot Davis DDS is a renowned dentist.

Dr. Davis is an implant and cosmetic dentist in New York City. After graduating from the New York University College of Dentistry and Cornell University, he has dedicated his life to the science an art of comprehensive oral health care, particularly dental care. He is one of the most reliable cosmetic dentists in New York City, offering excellent teeth whitening treatment in this region.

The winner of several awards, Dr. Davis has specialized in tooth whitening. He uses the modern technology and advanced equipments to whiten teeth.

Dr, Davis has been a part of many dental care programs, and he has been honored by the Castle Connolly;s America's Cosmetic Doctors and Dentists and also the Consumer's research Council of America's Guide to America's Top Dentists on various occasions.

He is an experienced cosmetic dentist and he takes immense pleasure in treating his patents. Dr. Davis along with his team of experts is well trained and they offer the finest level of care. He also emphasizes on prevention and further education. He believes that every person must understand the necessity of good oral health and the importance of teeth whitening too.

It is a fact that teeth whitening is no longer a fashionable affair; it is a basic need to make oneself popular and to build confidence. People with stained teeth are often the victims of lack of confidence and disgust. Some people even prefer to hide their teeth by not smiling or opening their mouth often with the fear of revealing their stained teeth. Taking all these factors in to consideration, Dr. Davis believes that it is extremely important to go for routine dental care and check up to prevent stains.

With his latest comprehensive range of teeth whitening treatments, he is the best cosmetic dentist in New York City right now.

Teeth Whitening by Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis offers 3 methods for teeth whitening. All these methods are extremely effective and have been producing dramatic results over time.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The in-office teeth whitening procedure is done at the dental office under the supervision of Dr. Davis and his team of professionals. The procedure is quite simple, and you can go back home after one hour with a dazzling white set of teeth.

The gums and teeth are carefully isolated first, after which a potent tooth whitening gel is applied on the teeth. In this case, you can either opt for single tooth whitening or you can choose to whiten all your teeth or a few teeth at a time. After applying the gel, a light is activated and the teeth are exposed to the same. This procedure is repeated thrice to give you the best results. Depending on the stains you have developed, it might take more than one session to give you the desired whiteness.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening is also popular in New York City. Dr. Davis helps his patients in carrying out the at-home teeth whitening treatments by preparing whitening trays. Prior to that, accurate impression of the patient's teeth is to be taken. After taking the impression, precise models are designed for the custom fit trays by experienced auxiliary. Dr. Davis then trains his patients to achieve the ultimate results through the equipments provided without causing any side effects.

A specially formulated teeth whitening solution is given that can be used for about 30 minutes to approximately 60 hours, depending on its strength. However, it is very important to follow the steps as guided by Dr. Dabs to achieve the best result.

Power Whitening

Dr. Davis also offers Power Whitening options for his patients. It is basically a method that combines both in-office teeth whitening treatment and at-home teeth whitening treatment together to produce best results. As the procedure is a combination of two of the most effective teeth whitening treatments, the result derived from its method is much more effective and long-lasting as well.

It is not necessary to whiten your whole set of teeth if you are only having a problem with a single teeth. Dr. Davis explains that it is also possible to whiten a single tooth and remove all the stains and discolorations to give you perfect white teeth. There are various methods, such as internal whitening, external whitening, new filling, stain removal and many more to correct the problem.

Dr. Davis suggests that it is important to understand the color of teeth. Teeth usually have its intrinsic and exclusive lightness potential. Whilst it is true that through teeth whitening you can get lighter teeth color, it is also a fact that the tooth's intrinsic color does not change with this. It is possible that some of the teeth will show rapid whitening, while others will not. Results can vary from person to person.

However, Dr. Davis's patients have always been satisfied with his treatment in New York City as he has successfully lived up to the expectations of his patients most of the time.

Dr. Davis offers the safest and the most effective teeth whitening treatments in New York City. You can call up his office for an appointment and get a teeth whitening treatment done. Results will be simply superb, as always!

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