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30 minute teeth whitening system

New 30 Minute Tooth Bleaching Kit

Strongest bleaching gel available. Not recommended for first time users. Provides results of up to 8 shades after a single 30 minute at-home treatment. more...

Photo-Initiator System includes:
1. Three 44%+1% photo-activated tooth bleaching gels.
2. Two Custom mouth trays.
3. Plasma Laser LED Light with lithium batteries included.
4. 3cc tooth desensitize + remineral gel to eliminate gum sensitivity.
5. At-home instructions.

$119.95 $79.95
Dentist: $399
36% teeth whitening kit

Professional 36% Teeth Whitening Kit

36% Pro Teeth Whitening Kit.
Professional at-home teeth whitening kit with dental strength 36% carbamide gel and laser light. Our Best selling at home bleaching system that provides instant results after a single treatment. more...

Complete 36% Kit includes:
(3) 10cc 36% dental strength carbamide peroxide gels.
(2) Custom mouth trays.
(1) Laser LED Light (lithium batteries included).
(1) 3cc tooth desensitize gel.
(1) At-home instructions.

Sale $49.95
Dentist: $399

35% teeth whitening kit

35% Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional advanced at-home system with 35% carbamide peroxide gel. Popular strength among Cosmetic Dentists and dental professionals. Results in 3 days or less. more...

Complete 35% Kit includes:
(3) 10cc 35% dental strength carbamide peroxide gel.
(2) Custom form mouth trays.
(1) Tray Case + Shade Guide.
(1) 3cc tooth desensitize gel.
(1) At-home instructions.
* Qualifies for Free Shipping.

Dentist: $299

22% Teeth Whitening Kit

22% Zero Tooth Sensitivity System
22% Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. Recommended for users with sensitive teeth. (Results in 5 Days or Less). more...

Dentist: $299
two pro kits plus 36% gel

(2) 36% Pro Kits - Save 25%
Two system special. Perfect for couples.
package includes:
(2) Complete 36% Teeth Whitening Kits sealed.

$74.95 $99.98
save $24.95
Best teeth whitening kits online USA

Pre Loaded Chairside Trays
35% Pre-Loaded bleaching trays for chairside use. Recommended for Dentist only and in-office use.

Pre packaged for patients

$29.95 $119.98
save $90.95
Why Choose Dramatic Smiles™ ?
  • Our Kits include Dental Strength Carbamide gel used by 95% of Cosmetic Dentists in-Office & Chairside.
  • Over 30 years experience developing and distributing top quality system and treatments to dentists and dental professionals world-wide.
  • We use only the finest ingredients, such as, Kosher USP glycerin and USP grade Carbamide.

Our 22% & 35% & 36% & 44% Dental Quality Gel are used by Dental Professionals world-wide.


#1 Rated Hi-Intensity Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Gels.

Our gel is 40% stronger than most dentists use selling for $500.00 and more!

Dramatic Smiles offers the best 22%, 35%, 36%, and 44% teeth whitening gel. Flavored with Natural Orange Oil. Our formula reduces tooth sensitivity. Optimized pH formula for advanced whitening and deep bleaching performance.
Kosher grade glycerin (no animal by products) why kosher? animal by products can be harmful and irritating to the soft tissue. Enhanced stabilization of our whitening formula for a whiter and healthier smile.   

Why Buy Our Professional Teeth Whitening Kits?

Over 30 years in the Dentistry and tooth bleaching industry.
Worldwide leader for over 9 years in professional dental products.
Our systems are sold to over 300 U.S. Cosmetic Dentists.
Only the finest ingredients: kosher USP glycerin (no animal by products), USP grade carbamide peroxide etc.
We make our gel fresh daily for quality assurance.
 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all products.

How Dramatic Smiles™ Compares to Different Tooth Bleaching Procedures:

Treatment Type:
Treatment Time:
Average Results:


   30 Minutes

6 to 10 Shades
  • Immediate Results.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Safe & Convenient.
  • Inexpensive. ($49-$89)

Cosmetic Dentist
1 Hour
6 to 10 Shades
  • Immediate Results.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Chairside Treatments.
  • Expensive. ($299-$800)

Over the Counter Kits
14 to 30 Days
1 to 3 Shades
  • Weak Formula.
  • Barely Visible Results.
  • Overpriced.

30 Days
1 to 3 Shades
  • Weak and Inconsistent.
  • No Immediate Results

Several Months
0 to 1 Shades
  • Inconsistent Results.
  • Color Fades Quickly.
  • Treats Only Stains.

Cosmetic Dentistry Experts


Professional Results At-Home
Your teeth will be bleached 6-10 shades our receive a full refund. It's our 30-day white smile guarantee.

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