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Teeth Whitening Kits Reviews

Teeth Whitening Kits Reviews:
Reviewing teeth whitening products has become a tedious task today, because there are large number of products, which includes gels, whitening strips, kits and bleaching trays available today, reviewing any of these product requires a thorough understanding of the ingredients, the brands and the similarity of form (gels review, kits review etc.)

Teeth Whitening Kits
Some of the top ranking brands of teeth whitening kits are Dramatic Smiles, Star teeth Whitening, Malibu Bright and Crest White Strips. Because these brands have been on the market for many years now and they have also developed a wide customer base, they are highly appreciated and frequently used.

Dramatic Smiles Review
Dramatic Smiles offers professional teeth whitening kits to users that can help in improving the color of their teeth. It is one of the first few brands that have a large customer base, spread across the world. Because of the potency of teeth whitening gels used with these kits, this system has been known to produce brilliant results.

Dramatic Smiles teeth whitening kits are powered with 22%, 35%, 36% and 44% teeth whitening gels. Depending on the oral health condition of users, any of these concentrations can be chosen. The kit contains a pre-designed whitening tray, gel, remineralizing gel and a hand-held light device that activates the process. Overall, it is one of the best and safest kits to be used.

Star Teeth Whitening Kit
Star teeth whitening kits comprise of varied whitening methods, which includes laser whitening, whitening systems and gels. However, the whitening kits to be used at home are the most popular ones. The dental systems are known according to the concentration of gel, such as Complete 36%, Executive 35%, Deluxe 22% and many more. The concentrations of bleaching substances present in these kits give strongest to strong whiteness. Ultimate whiteness can be achieved by beginners with the mild concentration of teeth whitening gel. Changes can be seen gradually, with expected shade to be 7 times lighter than original.

Malibu Bright Teeth Whitening System
There are only a few teeth whitening products that can provide such comprehensive whitening results to users. With just a single product, comprehensive cleaning, brightening and whitening can be done in one single package. This is also the best alternative for bleach based teeth whitening systems, relatively cheaper, and offers greater advantage as compared to other methods of whitening. The kit comes with Ultra Brightening Gel, Stain Lifting Spray and Deep Protection Oral Rinse. The kit should be used for a couple of times until the final result is achieved.

Crest White Strips
Thin and easy to wear, the Crest White Strips have been the most suitable option for teeth whitening. This product contains whitening ingredients that can enhance the color of your teeth without affecting your gums. It has been proven to be the most effective whitening product that can be used conveniently. The strips have been designed to give you the exact amount of whitening required.

There are many more comprehensive teeth whitening kits that can be used to achieve excellent results. However, the aforementioned ones are the finest in this range.

Dramatic Smiles Teeth Whitening


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