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Teeth Whitening: How Foods Effect It

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With all the different products and procedures available in today’s society, can certain food destroy your white teeth? Really, think about it. We can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the dentist and spend equal amounts for over the counter tooth whitening applications; so who would expect that consuming food or beverages could dull our teeth.

Teeth stains are a common problem and are often caused by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink.

Let us start with our morning routine, usually the first thing we reach for is that cup of coffee. Black or with cream, does not matter, coffee stains. Next, let us consider those blueberry muffins, might be a healthier breakfast than fried eggs and ham, but blueberry stains. Blueberry is one of the natural stains for fabric. Have you ever tried to get a blueberry stain out of a blouse? After breakfast, we usually have more coffee. We can sit and drink a cup of coffee almost any time of the day, why some people even drink a cup before they go to bed. Coffee is one of the leading causes of teeth stains. Regardless of the strength of your teeth whitener, coffee stains are difficult to keep at bay.

Is there a list of foods that really can cause our teeth to be less white and stained?

I can list several right here. In reality, the list is long and can be frequently amended, depending upon what we eat, where we live, and what is available to us. We have already listed coffee and blueberry, which are two of my favorite foods, but let us look at some other unfriendly tooth foods. Start with the fruits like blackberries, raspberries or juices like grape juice and red wine. We drink much in the way of flavored drinks made by powders and sugared powders, these have food dyes to give them their appealing color. Then there is tea, colas, soy sauce, we consume quite frequently. Many of our marinades, sauces, or meals have soy sauce as one of the main ingredients. Then let us consider our “munchy, pleasing” desserts. Many of the candies have food coloring and frosting-how does it get its color?

Foods do not just stain our teeth with their dying capabilities.

Actually, teeth stains are caused by a loss of integrity to the tooth enamel. White teeth are a challenge to keep. Beverages that are hot can weaken the barrier of the enamel; harsh liquids and foods are equally bad for the protective barrier. Poor dental hygiene can cause teeth to be less white and stained. If you take a multivitamin, too much iron can cause teeth stains and deter whiter teeth. So can foods with high iron content such as molasses. Even though we do not eat or drink this substance, it does go past our teeth, nicotine! Smoking causes darker stains and harder to remove stains than anything else does other than snuff or chewing tobacco.

Does this mean we have to give up our favorite foods and beverages?

Does this mean you have to give up tobacco? Well, you should give up tobacco, and consume in moderation caffeine, wine, and so forth. Practice good oral hygiene and rinse after eating. After you apply over the counter teeth whiteners, or receive a cosmetic dental procedure, avoid obvious staining foods. The enamel is most vulnerable after these procedures, or with long periods of not being able to brush or rinse.

Eat, drink, and be merry. However, if you want to keep your teeth white, use care when you do and do not forget your oral health. Practice good oral hygiene!

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