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Teeth Whitening Gels & Bleaches: To Have Those Pearly White Teeth

Whether you work professionally, you are a student or a stay-home individual, it is important to look and feel good all the time. In order to be confident about ourselves, our look should be considered. We need to be presentable and friendly when interacting with other people, say for instance our clients and bosses at work. That makes our teeth a big aspect of the brightness of our radiant smile. How will you be able to smile when we have unclean and unattractive teeth? We can lose our confidence by that and that is not good.

Are your teeth stained?

A possible and available solution to that is a well-known teeth whitening. There are various teeth whitening procedures available which will help you achieve whiter teeth. There are teeth whitening products you can purchase such as the whitening bleach in order to extensively lighten and alter the look of your teeth. Cosmetics dentists advise patients to opt for these products to achieve cleaner-looking and whiter teeth.

When you know that your teeth need to be whitened, be sure to consult your dentist as he is the proper person to tell you if you need to use teeth whitening bleach and other teeth whitening products and procedures. Teeth whitening products are recommended and one of them is the teeth whitening gel.

Here are the steps to follow when you need to apply the teeth whitening gel:

* First, you have to make sure that you brush and floss your teeth before you wear the tray. After that, place a small dab of teeth whitening gel half way up the front of each of your tooth in the tray. Then cap and retain the syringe for your next teeth whitening treatment until it goes empty. Every single syringe contains around 6 teeth whitening treatments or applications.

* Second, insert the teeth whitening tray in the mouth over the teeth. Place the tray firmly against your teeth. Be sure it will not easily fall off.

* Third, wipe off the excess teeth whitening gel which dribbles over the brim of the tray to your gums. Grip the tray with one hand and gently wipe the excess gel off your gums with your finger, a tissue paper or a soft cloth. Wear the tray with the gel four or more hours when you are using the carbamide peroxide whitener, or when you are using the hydrogen peroxide teeth whitener, 30 to 60 minutes at 2 to 3 times a day.

* Fourth, remove the tray and rinse off your teeth to remove the gel residue.

* And lastly, clean the teeth whitening tray with a clean toothbrush and cold water. Make sure that you store it in the tray holder.

Those are the simple steps to follow when you need to place the teeth whitening gel in your teeth. It is that easy, only that you always have to be careful when applying it. Also, make sure that you teeth whitening kit is clean too.

Discoloration on your teeth can occur because of different health conditions and lifestyles. Among the major causes for staining of teeth are too much tea, coffee, tobacco products and other medical conditions.

Teeth whitening can be done by the dentist or you. If you are not sure of the procedure, it is best to allow your dentist to do the job for you. It is easier and trouble- free way of gaining pearly white teeth. Teeth whitening are among the most common dentistry procedures undertaken by people to change their overall appearance.

There are teeth whitening kits that can be used at home. Should you decide to use teeth whiteners like teeth whitening bleach, be sure to consult your dentist and used the whitening bleach and teeth whitening gel that is medically approve.

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