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All around the world people like to have a beautiful smile. This can only be achieved if you have clean and white teeth’s. We eat a lot of stuff everyday and this makes our teeth stained so it is important to have clean and white teeth for a beautiful smile. Teeth whitening seem to be a difficult job but its not, all you need is a good amount of patient and you can get white teeth as your reward. You can find a number of ways in which you can achieve white teeth’s; you can brush aggressively, you can go to a dentist and have your teeth cleaned, you can have a laser whitening treatment, you can use whitening strips or you can use teeth whitening gel.

The purpose of all teeth whitening products is to give you the desired result according to your own need. A survey conducted by American Academy of Cosmetic industry it has been found that 90% of all adults think that an attractive smile plays an important role in socializing, 85% believe that a beautiful smile attracts opposite sex and 75% believe that your smile can help you progress in your career.

Teeth whitening gels are available in the market and can be easily found. There are a large number of companies offering teeth whitening products so it gives you a wide choice to select from. One thing that is common in all of these gels is carbon amide and hydrogen peroxide. Carbon amide works as an agent which breaks the tarter to allow hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth’s.

A large number of people around the world prefer using whitening gels for a couple of reasons; first its cheap, it’s effective and does the job. Usually you can get a teeth whitening gel for $100; it comes with a tray that allows you to mix the gel and then apply it on your teeth’s. You can apply whitening gel in three different ways; first is that you brush your teeth, secondly fit the tray that comes with the gel, third is to use the mixture on your teeth’s with the help of the tray. When applying teeth whitening gel keep in mind that you should avoid applying it on your gums, this can cause an irritation and can be a problem for some people.

Another new kind of teeth whitener that has been introduced in the market is known as whitening strip. These are considered to be much better than a whitening gel due to the reason that they are much cheaper and others cannot see them when you are talking. Whitening strips are a piece of plastic with hydrogen peroxide in them; you can put the strip on your teeth’s for couple of hours or for a whole night. The best thing about these strips is that you wont feel them at all and they will do there work. Teeth whitening gels on the other hand have a much long lasting effect; commonly there effect lasts for six months.

When applying whitening gel you have to brush your teeth and then dry them up. This will have more effect in whitening your teeth’s. Another advantage of teeth whitening gels is that it will not have any effect on your dental work like fillings, caps or veneers. So you can use these gels without any trouble of damage to them. It will take time to show its effect; for some people it will take a couple of weeks to give results and for some it can take a whole month. This depends on the condition of person teeth.

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