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Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful, brighter smile. Beautiful smile is a result of bright and whiter teeth. Food intake affects the whiteness of our teeth a lot. Eating different stuff everyday makes our teeth stained and discolors them over the years. To maintain ‘that’ white color and beautiful smile it is necessary to clean your teeth regularly at least twice a day. Teeth whitening systems are nowadays easily available with the help of which you can get and maintain white teeth. All that is required is regularly using teeth whitening products and be patient to see the result.

You will find a number of teeth whitening systems in the market namely home teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening products, teeth whitening gel, tray, laser teeth whitening, Dentist supervision gel treatment and many more. The aim of all these teeth whitening products or procedures is to help you get desirable results. In a survey conducted it was found that 90% adults feels that attractive smile is the reason behind socializing, 85% thinks that beautiful smile can attract opposite sex while 75% thinks that beautiful smile can help you succeed in your career.

Teeth whitening gels are considered as one of the simplest and cheapest option available in the market. It can easily be applied and ready for use. With popularity of teeth whitening gel you will find a variety of teeth whitening gel to choose from. Teeth whitening gel has two important components necessary for whitening: Carbon amide and hydrogen peroxide. Carbon amide breaks the barrier of tarter and allows the hydrogen peroxide to do its whitening of teeth job. The cost of teeth whitening gel is around $100 and is available with a tray that allows you to mix gel and then apply it. You can apply the gel directly or by using a brush or the tray that comes with it. Place the tray in your mouth and apply gel onto it. Always remember that you should avoid putting gel onto the gums as hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation to the gums.

Although teeth whitening gel are considered as safe, inexpensive and easy to use and considered by many as the solution to stained teeth problem, another teeth whitening system is gaining popularity nowadays. Teeth whitening strips are slowly becoming the right choice for many. Teeth whitening strips are even cheaper than teeth whitening gel and furthermore, while talking with teeth whitening strips applied to your mouth others will not be able to notice it. Teeth whitening strip is a piece of plastic that contains hydrogen peroxide. You can put these strips for thirty minutes or an hour daily or even for the whole night to get maximum effectiveness. Also, you will not be able to feel them while on the other side they are doing their work.

The advantage of teeth whitening gel lies in the fact that the effect of teeth whitening gel can last up to six months i.e. it has a long lasting effect. In addition to this, dental works such as fillings, veneers or caps are not affected by gel and will not result in two different colors. The effect of teeth whitening gel varies from person to person and can take few weeks for some while for others its can take longer than few weeks. When you apply teeth whitening gel you should first brush your teeth, dry them up to give more whitening effect to your previously discolored teeth.

You will find a number of different whitening gels available in the market. Make sure that you shop around first before deciding on one right choice.

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