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Teeth Whitening Bleach for Shining White Teeth

Bleach for your teeth is available to help whiten and maintain whiter teeth. Sounds like an extreme, even revolting and certainly unpleasant experience. Regardless of how teeth bleaching may appear, multitudes perform this ritual on a daily basis. Person after person goes to their cosmetic dentist to have this very thing done on a regular basis. After all, we work hard for our white teeth.

Obviously, this beach is not the same bleach used to whiten your clothes. Often the substance is carbamide peroxide or a similar compound. The means to apply the bleach to whiten teeth is as numerous as the number of different toothpastes and mouthwashes.

A person not only has quite a number of choices but also a number of different methods to apply the bleach

You can choose a rinse then spit method to apply the bleach or you can paint the bleach on as you would fingernail polish to your nails. There are also trays in which you pour the bleach in and place over your teeth. This acts as a reservoir to hold the bleach while your teeth soak in the solution. Then I have seen strips that you apply to your teeth just like tape on a package. These methods vary in the length of time the solution stays on the teeth. Some of these applications last a couple of minutes in duration to staying in place over night. The results vary from individual to individual and will last for a day to weeks or months with proper care.

Your Cosmetic Dentist can offer you a variety of teeth whitening bleach applications. These methods are more sophisticated as well as higher in cost than over the counter procedures. The bleach used by these professionals is chemically more complicated and governed more closely making it unavailable to the public for personal use. In other words, the bleach is only available in dental professional teeth whitening products.

These applications are more thorough and offer more whitening ability than the over the counter methods available. At least, that is what they, Dentists, claim to be true. The method also claims to last much longer than self-applied beaches used at home and are understandably much harder on the pocketbook.

Any method of teeth whitening has advantages and provides you whiter teeth. However, with every positive there is a negative. These different bleach methods can be harmful to your teeth. What did you expect gain with no pain? The bleaching can weaken the enamel leaving you at greater risk of cavities.

The bleaching can irritate the gums and mouth tissues causing burning, bleeding, pain and ulcerations. Poor fitting trays can rub blisters and cause lacerations to the gums and soft tissues. Some people might suffer an allergic reaction to the bleach solution. These adverse risks can result in infection requiring costly medical treatment and antibiotics. This is one very good reason many people leave the business of teeth whitening to their dental professional and avoid the “do it yourself” methods. Makes sense, if something is going to happen, wouldn’t you be better off at the dentist’s office rather than at home alone?

Everything still comes down to personal choice. You have to decide who will perform the bleaching. You have to decide how much you want to spend to bleach your teeth white. You have to decide how much risk you are willing to take with the procedure.

If you want whiter teeth, then bleaching will certainly help you get what you want. Use good common sense, do the research and it probably would not hurt to consult your Dentist. Whiter teeth are what you want, and bleaching can get you what you want.

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