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Supersmile Teeth Whitening Reviews

Supersmile Teeth Whitening Reviews:
When Supersmile was introduced to the market for the very first time, it was impossible to believe what the brand was trying to claim. Supersmile is the first teeth whitening system in the world that does not contain any harsh abrasives or chemical whiteners, which makes it safe for regular use. It is even good for people having tooth sensitivity problems. Featuring an amazing range of complete oral health care products, Supersmile can be helpful in improving the overall oral health, which includes the mouth, teeth and gums, thus giving you a brighter and whiter smile.

What Are The Supersmile Whitening Products?

Supersmile is not just the regular teeth whitening product you have probably seen. It is rather a comprehensive teeth whitening system that comes in the form of different products that can be used for normal maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.

The complete line of teeth whitening products contain:
• professional grade tooth whitening toothpaste
• mouth wash
• toothpaste
• whitening accelerator
• whitening floss
• a specially designed toothbrush
• tongue cleaner

Calprox contained in Supersmile:
Supersmile is the online line of teeth whitening products that contains patented Calprox teeth whitening formula.
Calprox is basically a non-abrasive formula that dissolved the protein pellicle, thus allowing the strongest stain offenders to bond to your teeth, thereby creating discoloration. The whitening accelerator and toothpaste works in synergy to remove stubborn stains and brings brightness to your smile with just 3 bushings. It is highly recommended that you brush regularly using the Supersmile toothpaste using a dry tooth brush for two times per day. Each brushing will help in whiter teeth.

Supersmile for Maintaining Whiteness:
Although Supersmile was created for maintaining the teeth after it has been passed through a whitening treatment, today it is widely used for whitening too. The product works efficiently on natural as well as bonded teeth and helps in whitening the stains on teeth. It has been anticipated that one can purchase Supersmile oral hygiene care products for maintaining whitened teeth for years.

The most important thing about Supersmile products is that it is non-abrasive, which makes it safer on your teeth and even on dental work. Most teeth whitening products fail to work on dental work that has been done previously. This has been the greatest downside of some of the leading teeth whitening products. However, of late Supersmile has proved to work on all types of teeth, even the ones with fillings and dentures.

Downside of Supersmile:
The only downside of Supersmile is that the product has to be used consistently to maintain the required whiteness of teeth. While the teeth whitening trays offer solutions within minutes, it will take more time with Supersmile. Moreover, it has to be used repeatedly for getting the best result and maintaining it for some time. But it still seems to be worth it because of its non-abrasive properties.

Bottom Line:
Of all the teeth whitening products that you must have seen on the market, Supersmile is good because of its non-abrasive stain removing ability.

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