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Star Teeth Whitening Reviews

Star Teeth Whitening Reviews:
Star teeth whitening system has been well recognized as one of the most effective formulas for home teeth whitening. Because home teeth whitening is more convenient than going to a dental clinic and spending time for hours, effective treatments like Star teeth whitening have become so popular these days. The most important consideration about this brand of teeth whitening treatment is that it offers laser enabled whitening methods that can be used at home.

Lasers are known to be the most sophisticated teeth whitening devices that can improve the color of teeth dramatically. While the usual laser treatment can cost up to a few hundred dollars, the hand-held laser teeth whitening treatment by Star teeth whitening is relatively cheaper, safer and effective. Most importantly, it is convenient as you can use it at home.
There is an amazing range of products by Star teeth whitening that has to be considered.

36% Laser Teeth Whitening Kit:
Star teeth whitening 36% laser teeth whitening formula is specially designed to give you fantastic results within 3 days. The formula contains a highly concentrated teeth whitening gel, whitening trays and a laser beam. However, it is not recommended to people with sensitivity problems.

30-Minute Teeth Whitening Treatment:
Using the strongest 44% teeth whitening kit, this method of treatment is the best and most recommended by some of the top dentists in the world. Visible results can be seen immediately after 30 minutes. It comes with the 44% Light-White teeth whitening gel by Star teeth whitening.

36% teeth Whitening Kit:
This kit contains 36% carbamide peroxide formula. It is recommended for people having good oral health conditions. However, sensitivity problems may arise in some cases. Therefore, people having pre-existing sensitivity problems should not use this kit.

35% Teeth Whitening Kit:
The 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening kit is a 3 day treatment. You can see visible changes in the color of your teeth after 3 days of use. It is not suitable for people with sensitivity problems.

22% Teeth Whitening Kit:
It is the Zero Sensitivity kit, usually recommended for people having sensitive teeth. It contains 22% carbamide peroxide formula, along with custom-designed mouth trays, remineralize and desensitize gel.
Photo-Initiator Gel
The Pro series of photo-initiator gel is one of the most recommended formulas for teeth whitening. It is very effective for the first time users. It contains 44% Light-White teeth whitening gel.

With the use of Star teeth whitening treatment, you can expect visible changes in the color of your teeth. While most of the potent and strong teeth whitening gel formula take 3 to 5 days to give results, the others can show you noticeable changes within 7 to 14 days of use.
The methods of teeth whitening are the best that one can find on the modern market these days. The products have been priced moderately. Most importantly, you can obtain laser solutions for teeth whitening at less than half the price of any in-office laser teeth whitening treatment.

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