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Your crush is walking on the other side of the road, sees you and passes off a smile. You desperately want to smile back, showing all your teeth but holding yourself back and just pass of with a small smile?! Why?! Just because you are not confident over the whitening of your teeth!!Well then take professional help from the dentist for tooth whitening success. There are quite many ways through which the dentist will be able to help you with this problem. They may be termed as the internals and the external techniques.

External techniques can be carried on when dentist places whitening gel on the outer side of your teeth. However this method doesn’t work in some cases. Such as when people use metal fillings they often find that some stains are left on their teeth after using them for a long time. Or you may even find stains due to the blood vessels condemned inside your teeth. In both of these cases, External techniques don’t work out. In medical terms, the whole procedure of external techniques is done in two different ways.

One is Laser tooth whitening technique and another is home tooth whitening. Laser tooth whitening technique is also known as power tooth whitening. In this procedure, the dentist will try to protect your gum by inserting one rubber seal completely around your teeth. It will help the tooth whitening gel to spread all over the teeth in such a way that it will look like getting the teeth painted by the gel. Then a unique type of bright light will be directed to the teeth. Basically the light work is to speed up the whitening process. The whole process will take up to one or even two hours.

A rubber mouth guard is specially designed for your teeth in the home tooth whitening procedure. It will be given along with the tooth whitening gel tubes. Your dentist will be there to help you out with the doubts regarding the applying method of the gel on your mouth guards. There is some home whitening kits available in the market which is quite famous among the customers. It’s a user friendly kit. Although it has been reported that certain teeth whitening kits cause tooth sensitivity to some of its users, even though it would be temporary. So it is better to always consult your dentist before taking a decision.

When your dentist places the gel for the tooth whitening inside your teeth then it means that he is working with the internal tooth whitening procedure. This method is only used for the tooth that has passed through root treatment successfully. In this procedure, a hole is drilled in the tooth and the gel for cosmetic tooth whitening is filled inside the drilled hole. If the treatment is to be done on the front tooth then the hole is generally made in the back of the tooth, as it is not easily seen out there. After filling the gel, the dentist will seal the entire hole drilled for the temporary fillings. While the gel is left inside the tooth.

You may think of this process to be very painful but let me assure you it does not hurt at all since one won’t find a nerve inside the tooth. After a week, you have to make a visit back again to your dentist and make yourself comfortable in his chair so that he can remove all the gel that was used of for the tooth whitening and the temporary filing. Then you have to check the new shade that is left with you after the removal of everything. If you are satisfied with it, then the dentist work is to fill the hole with a tooth colored filling. But it is not always necessary that you need to be satisfied with the new shade. You can always ask the dentist to repeat the procedure to get a better shade of color. Sometime the dentist may also suggest you some different types of whitening techniques for the internal tooth whitening procedure so that you can get your desired effect.

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