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Professional Tooth Whitening, Internal Bleaching

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It is natural for teeth to get stained and dark-colored over the years as a result of many various reasons. It could be because of your eating habits, oral hygiene or the medication that you may be taking. You should not be worried, however. If your teeth are stained or dark-colored, there are teeth whitening treatments and professional teeth whitening products that you can turn to.

One of the more popular methods of teeth whitening treatments is none other than those given by dentists in their office. The advantage of professional tooth whitening treatments is that you can be sure of walking out of your dentist’s clinic wearing a truly pearlescent smile. You can get the results you want in just one visit to a dentist’s clinic with professional teeth whitening. On the other hand, take-home teeth whitening products take more time to work.

However, aside from professional teeth whitening, there is also the option of internal bleaching. The question that you should think about is: Which one is the better choice for you if you want to go through a teeth whitening treatment – professional teeth whitening or internal bleaching?

The Difference between Teeth Whitening and Internal Bleaching

Professional teeth whitening and internal bleaching are two different procedures, but they are meant to achieve the same result. This result is none other than to make the teeth appear whiter. However, these two processes differ widely from each other.

Professional teeth whitening is often called external bleaching. The most common way of getting this teeth whitening process done while inside a dental clinic is through what is called a laser tooth whitening treatment. In this process, the dentist would coat your teeth with tooth whitening gel, a bleaching agent based on peroxide.

Once your teeth are fully coated with this tooth whitening gel, the dentist then exposes your teeth to a special pulsed light. The gel will react with the light and cause the stains on your teeth to oxidize. This will leave your teeth look whiter. The results are always immediate with external teeth whitening done with laser, and it is absolutely safe.

Internal bleaching, on the other hand, is a somewhat invasive teeth whitening process. What your dentist will do here is to drill a hole into your teeth and inject a bleach filling into this hole. The bleach will then do its teeth whitening magic from the inside out. You will, however, need to return to your dentist after a week so he could get the temporary bleach filling out and permanently seal the hole in your teeth.

Which Teeth Whitening Process Should You Take?

Now that you know the difference between external teeth whitening and internal bleaching, which option should you take? As mentioned above, external teeth whitening is harmless and painless. Moreover, it produces immediate results.

On the other hand, internal bleaching is strictly reserved for people who have had the nerve in their teeth surgically removed. Otherwise, it would be a very painful teeth whitening process.

Alternatives to Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening, be it external teeth whitening or internal bleaching, both work. The one downside to them is that they can be quite expensive, and teeth whitening services are not covered by the typical dental insurance.

If you cannot afford going to a dentist to get professional teeth whitening services, you have the option of using take-home teeth whitening kits. These teeth whitening products can be easily used at home and are just as effective as professional teeth whitening, although they do take some time, around a week or so, to work.

Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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