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36% teeth whitening gel
36% Bleaching Gel

arrow36% Teeth Whitening Gel

Dental strength 36% carbamide peroxide gel. Best selling strength to achieve maximum results.
Refill Gel includes: (3) 10cc professional 36% tooth bleaching gel with at-home instructions.

Online Price $29.95
35% teeth whitening gel
35% Gel

Best Teeth Whitening Products Online35% Teeth Whitening Gel

Dental strength 35% carbamide peroxide whitening. Popular tooth whitening strength used by Cosmetic Dentists.
Refill Gel includes: (3) 10cc professional 35% teeth bleaching gel and complete instructions.

Online Price $26.95
22% teeth whitening gel
22% Gel

22% Teeth Whitening Gel

Dental strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel. Ideal bleaching strength for patients with sensitive teeth or poor oral health.
Refill Gel includes: (3) 10cc syringes of 22% teeth whitening gel with instructions.

Online Price $24.95

photo-initiator gel
30Minute Photo-Initiator Gel

44% +1% Photo Activated Gel

Light-White photo initiator gel to use in conjunction with our laser light. Whitens teeth by eight shades in a single 30 minute treatment. Gel Pack Includes:
(3) Light-White™ 44% photo-initiator Gel.

Sale $34.95
Dentist: $129.99
44% teeth whitening gel
44% Tooth Bleaching Gel

44% Carbamide Peroxide Gel

Strongest gel available. Use with extreme caution. 44% strength is not recommended for first time users. Includes 44% carbamide peroxide gel. more...
Gel Pack Includes:
(3) 44% carbamide peroxide Gel.

Dentist: $99.99
tooth desensitize gel
Tooth Desensitize Gel

Remineralize + Desensitize Gel

Eliminate tooth sensitivity and improve overall dental health with our 3cc syringe of tooth desensitize plus remineralize gel for a healthier, brighter smile.
(3) Tooth Desensitize Gel.

List: $29.95
teeth whitening pen
Teeth Whitening Pen

35% On the Go Pen

Whiten teeth on-the-go with our teeth whitening pens. Available in 35% carbamide peroxide. Includes:
(1) 35% carbamide peroxide Whitening Pen.

List: $59.99
laser led light
Laser LED Light

Plasma Laser Light

Light system specifically designed and manufactured for teeth whitening. Same light frequency used with in-office treatments.
Laser Light [+]

List: $99.99
custom trays
Custom Trays

Custom Form Mouth Trays

Custom teeth whitening mouth trays. Includes complete at-home instructions for molding at-home.
(2) Custom Form Teeth Whitening Mouth Trays. more...

List: $59.95
36% teeth whitening kit
36% Professional Teeth Bleaching Kit
Our strongest teeth whitening kit available. Not recommended for patients with sensitive teeth. Provides instant results after a single treatment. more...

Sale $49.95
Dentist: $399
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35% teeth whitening kit
35% Advanced Teeth Bleaching Kit
Our most popular teeth whitening kit used by top cosmetic dentists worldwide. Delivers professional results in 3 at-home treatments or less. more...

Dentist: $299
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22% teeth whitening kit
22% Zero Tooth Sensitivity Kit
Our 22% teeth whitening kit is recommended for those with sensitive teeth. Provides professional results in 5 treatments or less. more...

Dentist: $299
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Why Buy From Dramatic Smiles™ ?
  • Dental Strength Carbamide Peroxide used by 95% of Cosmetic Dentists in-Office & Chairside.
  • Over 30 years experience developing and delivering top quality dental products to dentists and dental professionals world-wide.
  • We use only the finest ingredients, such as, Kosher USP glycerin and USP grade Carbamide.

  Why Buy Our Professional Teeth Whitening Products?

Over 30 years in the Cosmetic Dentistry Field.
Worldwide leader for over 9 years in professional teeth whitening products.
Our Products are sold to the top 300 U.S. Cosmetic Dentists.
Only the finest ingredients: kosher USP glycerin (no animal by products), USP grade carbamide peroxide etc.
We implement continuous laboratory quality testing of all products for quality assurance.
 First manufacturer of 36% carbamide peroxide gel to the dental industry.
 Continued and ongoing research for new and improved products.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all products.

How We Compare to Other Teeth Whiteners:

Treatment Type:
Treatment Time:
Average Results:


   30 Minutes

6 to 10 Shades
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe & Comfortable
  • Inexpensive ($29-$79)

Dentist Visit
1 Hour
6 to 10 Shades
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe & Comfortable
  • expensive ($300-$1000)

Store Bought Trays
14 to 30 Days
3 Shades
  • Self Applied
  • No Immediate Results
  • Usually worn at bed

Whitening Strips
30 Days
3 to 4 Shades
  • Inconsistent Results
  • No Immediate Results

Several Months
1 to 2 Shades
  • Inconsistent Results
  • Gains fade quickly
  • Only stains are treated

Cosmetic Dentistry Experts


Dental Professional Results
Your teeth will be bleached 6-10 shades whiter or receive a full refund. It's our 30-day white smile guarantee.

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About Dramatic Smiles:
Dramatic Smiles tooth whitening gel conforms with FDA guidelines, and has been used by leading Dentists from all over the world. Our 22%, 35%, 36%, and 44% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gels are safe, effective, and have a specific formula to whiten your teeth to the fullest. With Dramatic Smiles you will not only whiten your teeth, but you will gain confidence with a healthier and brighter smile. With our professional products, you are in control of the bleaching process at home. If you are just looking for a touch up or that perfect Hollywood smile, Dramatic Smiles products can deliver your desired results. Our teeth whitening gels were developed by a top Cosmetic Dentist and have been proven scientifically to provide professional results, all in the comfort your own home.

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