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Listerine Teeth Whitening Review

Listerine Teeth Whitening Review:
Different types of new Listerine teeth whitening products have proved that innovation in this field is still going on and going quite strong. First came the Listerine on-the-go teeth whitening strips that completely dissolve inside the mouth, thus leaving you with nothing to be removed. Whitening strips have been the most effective teeth whitening solutions when you want to whiten your teeth on the move, and Listerine did the best thing by introducing these strips.

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolve Strips:
Listerine's first teeth whitening product that can quickly dissolve in your mouth has been a super hit. This is the easiest and the most convenient way of using whitening methods. Each pack of Listerine Whitening Strips comes with 56 strips. Unlike any other teeth whitening strips or products, these strips are fine that can cover both upper and lower arch of your teeth. This will ensure better versatility as there are people who wish to focus only on the top or bottom arch.

Listerine whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide and not carbamide peroxide. But there is no concern about the gums because as the strips come in contact with your mouth, hydrogen peroxide will be activated and it will break down to form water and oxygen. When these strips dissolve in your mouth, you will only swallow water and the material of strips. Thus, your safety is ensured.

Whether or not the strips actually dissolve, has been a common question that people ask. Yes, it does!

The strips dissolve within 10 minutes. However, some users have reported that a slimy and thick residue is left on the teeth, which tastes like corn starch.

Listerine Pre-brush Whitening Rinse:
Another interesting product launched by Listerine is the pre-brush whitening rinse. Whilst most of the mouthwashes are to be used after brushing or flossing teeth, the pre-brushing whitening rinse is to be used before brushing. It works like magic on your teeth to give you effective whitening results. Furthermore, the product works more effectively if it is used together with conventional toothpaste or whitening toothpaste. Along with that, if you are using Listerine whitening strips, you will certainly get great results within no time.

Listerine Whitening Pens:
Whitening pens are excellent for touch up and quick whitening. Listerine has also come up with innovative teeth whitening pens that can easily bleach the surface layers of the teeth to give you whiteness within minutes. Small and portable, the bleaching pens by Listerine are easy to use it targets the places or stained parts of your teeth that might be hard to reach, such as the gum line. Whitening pens are much effective on your teeth as well as enamel. They also help in killing germs that cause bad breath.

According to Listerine experts, 1-2-3 quick applications can give astonishing results that can be noticed within 2 weeks. Regular use will lead to long-lasting whiteness.

Listerine has been a reputed brand of oral health care. However, that does not mean that its teeth whitening line is absolutely great. There are no exceptional products that we have probably not seen in the past.

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