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In office teeth whitening reviews

In office teeth whitening reviews:
Bleaching, better known as tooth whitening has been widely accepted as one the least aggressive procedures that help in treating stained or discolored teeth. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of most in-office teeth whitening systems has been debatable and controversial ever since the time these were developed.

Bleaching is time dependent. Also most of the in-office teeth whitening treatments are usually defined by the concentration of teeth whitening gel used and the time taken for completing the procedure. The question is- are the lower concentrations of in office teeth whitening treatments effective? Or one should opt for higher concentrations only?
Such questions have been asked frequently, but there has been no proper answer to it.

Why In Office Teeth Whitening?
In Office teeth whitening is considered to be better than most other bleaching techniques because it can produce quick results. The office procedure, irrespective of the brand chosen, uses one simple method for whitening teeth.
The process begins with application of teeth whitening gel on the surface layers of tooth enamel. Before applying the gel, gums are isolated from the teeth to prevent soreness and infection. Once the gel is applied, a light source is used to activate oxidation. The gel will be rinsed off after 15 minutes and reapplied for the second and third time. Usually three applications are required.

The procedure takes 60 minutes and the result is extraordinary.

Whether Zoom, Opalescence, Rembrandt or Sapphire – all of these in office teeth whitening procedures use the same method.

The Importance of Teeth Whitening Gel:
For any bleaching or whitening treatment, the most important element is the whitening gel. With the latest range of in office teeth whitening treatments available these days, the whitening gels are chosen according to the requirement. Most in office whitening methods use the highest concentration of teeth whitening gels, which is over 35% carbamide peroxide.
However, there are some whitening treatments that use lower concentration to prevent sensitivity of teeth. Depending on the requirement of the patient, which is judged after the patient undergoes a thorough check-up to examine the oral health; a decision will be taken by the experienced cosmetic dentist.

How do reviews help?
Reviews of different in office teeth whitening treatments help in understanding the process better. It allows a patient to have thorough understanding about the product or treatment he/she is looking for and how it will affect the oral health condition.

Some of the common brands that have been really effective for in office teeth whitening are Zoom, Opalescence, Rembrandt, Sapphire and of course laser teeth whitening. There's nothing that could beat these methods of whitening. All the ingredients used in these products are 100% safe and secure to be used. Most importantly, these treatments are carried out by expert teeth whitening cosmetic dentists who help in improving the color of teeth in just one session. With proper maintenance of oral health and frequent cleaning, it will be possible to maintain the lustrous whiteness of teeth for many years.

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