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GoSmile Teeth Whitening System Review

GoSmile Teeth Whitening System Review
GoSmile is a renowned teeth whitening company that was started in the year 2002. They have come up with some of the most brilliant teeth whitening kits, available in different formulations that focus on 7 days and 2 weeks teeth whitening program. You can obtain these products at relatively cheaper rates. These are less expensive as compared to most of the reputed teeth whitening OTC products.

Products by GoSmile:
GoSmile offers 2 types of teeth whitening systems –
• B1
• Smile

The difference between these two products is in the time taken to finish the entire process. While B1 whitening system takes more than 10 days to finish, the Smile Whitening System takes 7 days only.

Ingredient Used in GoSmile:
The primary ingredient used in GoSmile teeth whitening system is Hydrogen Peroxide. It is the major component of the whitening serum. The blend of oxygen and hydrogen has been used for many teeth whitening products in the world because of their oxidizing properties. It helps in cleaning the upper layers of teeth and also penetrates further to clean stubborn stains and eliminates them completely.

Potent hydrogen peroxide is effective as a bleaching agent. It bleaches every bit of dirt, debris and stains from the surface of the teeth to give you dramatically whiter teeth color. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in some of the most effective teeth whitening treatments for achieving the best result.

Unique Features of GoSmile Teeth Whitening System:
There are two unique features of GoSmile teeth whitening system – the whitening begins with the stain removal process and ends with desensitizing. It is a comprehensive teeth whitening formula that helps in cleaning the surface of teeth with precision. The products and kits by GoSmile deliver a standard dose of hydrogen peroxide that helps in maximizing the strength of teeth whitening and ensures freshness too.

The hydrogen peroxide solution should be left on to the teeth for long so that it works effectively. Stronger hydrogen peroxide solutions ensure improved whiteness and cleaner teeth.

GoSmile Speed Teeth Whitening System – The most potent formula
The GoSmile speed teeth whitening system is one of the most effective formulas that comes with Pre-Whitening Gel. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide and other potent ingredients. It works effectively and helps in clearing stains within a few days. It takes approximately 4 days for the process to complete.

Reviews have revealed that within 2 days of using GoSmile teeth whitening products, you can expect 3 shades lighter teeth color. Over time, the change will become more obvious.

Any concerns?
The only concern of using GoSmile teeth whitening system is that it can cause tooth sensitivity. People who already have some teeth whitening problems should be very careful in choosing their product. It is important to consult a cosmetic dentist before using teeth whitening procedures. After examining the oral health, a cosmetic dentist will be able to suggest a safe and effective procedure.
Although GoSmile teeth whitening has proven to be safe, there are some concerns that vary from one patient to another. Such concerns should be addressed and examined carefully.

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