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Consumers Guide To Teeth Whitening Systems

Many of us nowadays are complaining about discoloration and stained teeth. Discoloration of teeth occurs as a result of food intake, drugs, grinding, smoking and even age. With advancement in technology we no longer have to worry discolored teeth. 'Teeth whitening' is most common system available which restores the white color of your teeth.

'Teeth whitening' works by removing dirt and debris and restoring the color of your teeth. There are a number of systems available which you can opt for: Crest teeth whitening strip, teeth whitening products, gel treatments, teeth whitening trays, laser teeth whitening System and many more.

Teeth whitening Strips are considered to be one of the simplest inexpensive ways to get white teeth. Furthermore, these strips are easy to use and needs to be worn for thirty minutes twice a day. They are comfortable and the whitening formula is not only safe for enamel but also contains professional whitening formula. It may take longer time than expected to give you the results depending on the condition of your teeth and strength of peroxide. Thus, for most it is a convenient choice.

Teeth whitening products is another inexpensive popular option amongst many today. Teeth whitening products are available in the market and can be picked up from any drug store. The advantage of using teeth whitening product is the fact that it contains mild bleaching solution as compared to other systems that cause allergic, soar gums, or irritation. Teeth whitening products are easy to use and can be directly applied to your teeth by squeezing onto a brush, strips, or used together with mouthwash or toothpaste. The only drawback of using these products is the fact that its gentle action results in less effectiveness.

Teeth whitening trays are also available nowadays. It is effective and needs to be placed in the mouth for just thirty minutes per day. The tray is boiled and placed in the mouth. As it cools, it settles in your mouth according to the shape and is ready for chemicals to be applied. The only disadvantage is that it is slightly uncomfortable.

Laser teeth whitening is a popular option amongst many. Although it is a costly procedure, it will give the patient immediate result with a brighter and whiter smile. You will no longer feel embarrassed about smiling. Laser teeth whitening procedure works by applying bleach and then allowing laser of certain wavelength to fall onto it. This accelerates the whitening process and gives you whiter teeth. Laser teeth whitening system has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage lies in the fact that one can immediately get white teeth and 'that' perfect smile. Contrary to that, teeth whitening can cause temporary gum irritation, allergy, soar gums, sensitivity to temperature or touch etc.

Another teeth whitening procedure is home teeth whitening bleaching procedure. This procedure can be done together with a dentist visit first. This home procedure is thought off as affordable procedure which can be carried out at home.

Dental supervision gel treatments are another option which is affordable option as well. With the help of professional guidance one can get a customized tooth-tray that is used for teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is the costliest of them all with a fee of at least $1000. Furthermore, you may require more than one dentist visits before going ahead with laser teeth whitening procedure. The least expensive option is teeth whitening products that are available in the market easily.

There are many options available in the market both expensive and cheap. All you need to do is shop around first, get the information and decide according to the budget available.

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