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Bleaching With Laser Teeth Whitening

Eating habits, smoking, drug usage, grinding, Trauma and age are some of the reasons that cause tooth staining. Nowadays, teeth whitening systems are available for lightning color of the teeth, removing dirt and stains without causing damage to the tooth surface. Crest whitening Strips, white light whitening system and teeth whitening products are some of the systems available but the most popular amongst them is Laser teeth whitening system. The simplest of these systems are the teeth whitening products which are easily available in the market. Teeth whitening products use mild bleach solutions to remove discoloration from your teeth. They can be easily applied with the help of a brush. Although less costly, these teeth whitening products are less popular for the reason that its gentle action results in less effectiveness.

Laser whitening teeth system has become a typical way for getting teeth bleaching in a shorter period of time. Latest laser technology is being used by dentist to restore color of the teeth. The working of laser light is based on the fact that when a laser light of specific wavelength is focused directly on a specific bleaching gel which accelerates the bleaching process and helps the whitening gel to pervade the enamel.

It takes years for your teeth to discolor. Drinking one cup of coffee occasionally will not result in discoloration but regular drinking for years will affect the color of your teeth but visiting a dentist and getting on with laser teeth whitening can get rid of discoloration developed over the years in a short time.

Laser teeth whitening has its pros and cons. The advantage of laser teeth whitening obviously lies in the fact that you will have brighter and whiter teeth making you feel youthful with every smile. On the other hand, the cons of laser teeth whitening are allergic reactions, soar gum, gum irritation and sensitivity.

Usage of bleaching can result in temporarily increasing the sensitivity of gum or teeth to temperature or touch. Sensitivity can also result in temporary pain down the middle of the front teeth. The bleach concentration can result in gum irritation lasting for days and stops when the bleach concentration is reduced. Short-term soar gums are also a result of laser teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is costly and can be as high as $1000. Furthermore, it can also require a number of visits depending on the condition of your teeth before one can visibly see the results. You may require crowns or dental veneers to correct discoloration or damaged teeth.

Whitening teeth may not be seen for at least two weeks after bleaching procedure. Furthermore, after having gone through the process you need maintenance that can be a regular procedure or might be once a year only. You will also need to avoid dark-colored foods and drinks for at least a week. Brushing regularly after meals or food intake is also necessary.

The success of laser teeth whitening also depends on how comfortable you feel after having gone through it. You may feel embarrassed with the thought that people will know that you had ‘work’ done on your teeth to get the color or you might be smiling comfortably knowing that your teeth looks brighter and white. If former is the case then you might want to go for teeth whitening products.

Laser teeth whitening procedure has helped lots of individuals who were embarrassed of smiling previously, giving them a brighter youthful smile.

Laser teeth whitening is expensive as compared to other teeth whitening systems but it gives you immediate results and that perfect smile that you had always longed for.

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