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At Home Vs. In Office Teeth Whitening

In today’s society, people are highly conscious of the whiteness of their teeth. There was a time when dentistry consisted primarily of tooth repair and cleaning, however, we have made cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening a big business. We are willing to spend big bucks on cosmetic dentistry and ways to improve the look of our smile by whitening our teeth.

With so many teeth whitening products available today, what should a person choose? Should we choose the professional dentist to whiten our teeth? Should we choose one of many of the over the counter tooth whiteners and perform our own “cosmetic dentistry”? What factors should we consider when deciding to choose the different teeth whitening methods? Should the cost of the whitening procedure be foremost in our minds or should the effects the procedure will have on our teeth be the first concern?

Indeed, there are many questions to consider when deciding on the method and product when considering cosmetic dentistry and whitening of our teeth. I think a person has first to decide for him/her exactly what they desire to achieve by whitening their teeth.

The answer seems to be, well, I want whiter teeth! Of course, whiter teeth are the issue, but why, is white teeth an issue?

Some people inherit yellow or darkened teeth and so the answer for them is to lighten or brighten their teeth. There are those who because of their profession feel the need for the whitest teeth and brightest smile. Once you have decided the real reason for this dental procedure, then you can better determine what method of cosmetic dentistry is best for you as an individual.

Another strong indication for the particular method chosen is the potential damage that can occur from the different teeth whitening methods.

A dentist can evaluate the surface of your tooth enamel and advise you to the different methods, the possible side effects, and risks to your teeth, and the expected outcome of the whitening process. Over the counter applications offer an explanation of the ingredients, application process and warnings, but, often the detail is long and difficult to understand.

Another factor often seen in over the counter explanations to consider is the ingredient.

What exactly are you putting into your mouth? Do you know what sodium hexametaphosphate is? Does it make any sense to you to read a label that states, “What to do if accidentally ingested”? I mean, you are putting this into your mouth; it seems likely that some of this tooth whitener will be ingested? The dentist can easily explain and answer your questions to teeth whitening products.

I was at my local grocery store where I purchased a tube of toothpaste. Of course, the toothpaste had a whitener, but what astonished me most was the number of teeth whitening products available on the shelves of a grocery store! Before I realized, I had spent 30 minutes just looking at different whitening processes.

There are permanent teeth whiteners. There are semi-permanent whiteners. There are over the counter teeth whiteners in practically every price range to target almost every potential consumer. I ran a search on one of the Internet engines and came up with page after page of teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

While faced with all these different over the counter teeth whitening products and the many different cosmetic dentistry offerings, does the abundance of choices make it any easier to make a decision? When it comes down to teeth whitening, it is a matter of what you can afford and willing to spend and the effort and risk you are willing to take. Who in the world thought the decision to have white teeth would be so complicated?

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