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Aquafresh Teeth Whitening Reviews

Aquafresh Teeth Whitening Reviews:
Aquafresh has been a well known brand that aids teeth whitening. There are varieties of products in by Aquafresh, which includes the most popular Aquafresh Whitening tray and Aquafresh teeth whitening toothpastes.

Aquafresh Toothpastes:
The toothpastes by Aquafresh contain some potent ingredients that work effectively in whitening your teeth. There are two types of toothpastes available:
• White & Shine
• Ultimate White

Both these toothpastes work effectively to clean as well as polish your teeth. With Ultimate White toothpaste you can expect faster whitening effect. Both the products contain excellent quality polishers, gentle on the teeth that will help in smoothing away all possible imperfections thus making your teeth whiter.

Aquafresh White & Shine toothpaste contains dual action formula that can clean and polish. It contains additional micro-biffing particles to give a smoother finish to your teeth. It also helps in preventing the formation of new stains.
The Ultimate White toothpaste contains some micro-fine whitening crystals, which helps in whitening your teeth.

Aquafresh Whitening Trays:
The latest over-the-counter teeth whitening product is Aquafresh's teeth whitening tray. The product comprises of pre-filled trays to fit over your top and bottom arch of teeth. The bleaching agent contained in this kit is 10% Hydrogen Peroxide formula. The flexible and unique structure of trays ensures that it fits on the arch of your teeth and gives you a snug fit. As you cover both the sides of your teeth, the bleaching agent will start covering up the surface area this making it an efficient whitening formula.

Aquafresh whitening tray comes in the form of a package, which contains whitening trays filled with hydrogen peroxide gel.

Does it work?
Well, like most other teeth whitening products that can be found on the market, Aquafresh is also an addition. It works on some people, but may not work on all. Therefore, it is very difficult to answer in one word. However, it would not be wrong to say that it works effectively in most of the cases.

Aquafresh whitening strips are fine and they cover a smaller portion of your smile arch, this prevent slippage. It covers the layers of teeth and keeps them secure too.

Because the gel has to be left on the teeth for 45 minutes, it is often considered to be a longer treatment than most of the similar products that are now available. For most of us, the product matters in terms of its result and the effect that lasts and not the length of the treatment. Therefore, it should not be a problem.

Disadvantages, if any?
Well, the major disadvantage of Aquafresh teeth whitening trays is that it cannot be shaped to fit into every mouth. Although the trays are made to fit an average mouth, but there have been cases of failures too. There are many teeth whitening trays that come with thermoform trays that work like a flexible device, which is not possible with Aquafresh.
The trays are not of standardized size, which prevents them from fitting into the mouth accurately. There are many reported cases of such incidents that have resulted in burning and soreness of gums.

In addition, the low strength of hydrogen peroxide is also an issue with the product. Higher strength could have given quicker and better whiteness.

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