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Yellow Teeth – Go In For Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth isn’t appealing at all, it can simply make you appear dull and boring. Also, it would pass on a not-so-likeable message about your hygiene habits. Yellow teeth can as well destroy your self confidence.  

What are the factors that led to yellow teeth? 

Well, there are many contributing factors, such as genetics, eating habits, drinking excessive tea or coffee, alcohol and red wine and smoking. These are some of the lifestyle habits that can cause the discoloration of our teeth to from yellow and grayish stains in the long run. While some of us are genetically born with yellow teeth, others get these stains due to external factors.  

So, isn’t there a way to get back the white color of the teeth? 

Yes, there are many ways through which you can get back those pearly whites once again. You can start off with the use of whitening toothpastes. If you can take good care of your dental health and use proper toothpaste that contains fluoride to combat the development of tartar and can as well prevent the teeth from plaque, you can surely expect some good results. 

However, not all the toothpastes that claim to be whitening agents, really work. Some of the toothpastes even fail to show any sign of improvement. In such cases you can opt for teeth whitening.  

Teeth whitening are an advanced procedure that can help in removing the stains almost permanently without causing any damage to your teeth or gums. These procedures are usually carried out at the Dental Clinic. Nevertheless, there are many at-home solutions as well that can be used for improving the color of your teeth. 

Before choosing common cosmetic dentistry procedures for yourself, you must seek medical assistance. In this case, a Dentist is the best person to help you out. The Dentist would first look into your dental health to evaluate any other associated dental problems apart from discoloration. If noted, he would advice you to first take care of those factors. Teeth whitening procedures cannot be carried out if your gums are unhealthy or if you have plaque. Also if you have some fillings or crowns, those are to be removed prior to the whitening   procedure. Once these factors are taken care of, you can head for the grand finale, which is the teeth whitening procedure. 

As stated before, teeth whitening can either be done at the Dental Clinic under the supervision of an expert Dentist, or it can be done at home after purchasing some over-the-counter whitening gels and solutions for better results. However, it is always wise to go in for the in-office treatments where the procedure is carried out by an experienced Dentist. Not all the over-the-counter whitening solutions are good for our gums as they often contain bleaching agents that can be detrimental for your overall oral health. 

While with the in-office procedures, the dentist usually uses carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent and in correct proportions as well, to just give you the desired effect you want without causing any harm. But with the other bleaching agents, the proportions might not be sufficient enough to bring best results and might take more time than usual, thus causing adverse effects. 

So, you can go to your Dentist and get your teeth whitened in just a couple of hour’s time from now!

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