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TypeS Of Teeth Whitening Available In San Diego

When you start looking for a good, reliable dentist that does teeth whitening in San Diego, California you are probably asking a whole bunch of questions about the specific types of teeth whitening services and treatments are being used by which dentists and what they are charging for these services. Knowing which dentists offer which type of teeth whitening treatments is about the best way that you have to be able to decide which of them that you want to visit and to be able to set aside the time for an appointment and get any necessary approvals from your insurance carrier that you would need for this type of cosmetic work.

One of the San Diego area dentists is Dr. Curtis Chan. He and his staff offer patients two ways that can be used together to initially whiten your teeth and also keep them white between your professional dental appointments: Brite Smile El Paso teeth whitening and at home whitening kits that accompany professional whitening sessions to maintain that brilliant smile. This is a very good way to get professional quality teeth whitening in San Diego without having to worry about not being able to keep your smile as bright and sparkling as it is when you have taken a Brite Smile treatment for the very first time. The at home whitening kits that Dr. Chan has for his patients contains the very same teeth whitening gel that Dr. Chan uses in the Brite Smile treatments. This gel is one of the ones that are at 15% Carbamide Peroxide concentration. There are actually three different percentages that Carbamide Peroxide is available in: 10%, 15% and 22%. The 10% concentration is what most of the professional and at home teeth whitening products are available in. The 15% concentration is a little stronger so that it takes a little less time to whiten your teeth when used with blue gas plasma lights that activate the peroxide and start the whitening process.

The office professional teeth whitening in San Diego process will create whiter teeth in about sixty to ninety minutes using the combination of the 15% Hydrogen gel and blue gas plasma light to whiten your teeth. The whiter smile that you achieve will be there for close to three years depending upon what you do in between teeth whitening in San Diego procedures. If you use the home teeth whitening kit that Dr. Chan gives you, you will be able to keep your teeth as white as the y are when you step out of the dentist’s chair after your Brite Smile treatment. Many people are very happy that they can get this type of teeth whitening in San Diego service at an affordable rate time and money-wise. Think about it, is you are able to fully take advantage of both in-office and at home teeth whitening; would you pass that up? Making the choice to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chan and having your teeth whitened this way is up to you.  

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