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What Is The Best Method Of Teeth Whitening For You?  

Teeth whitening procedures have become every common these days and it is no longer done just for vanity. It is rather an important factor that helps in correcting your smile and bringing back the lost self-confidence. 

Teeth whitening often known as teeth bleaching, is basically a process that helps in lightening the teeth and removing difficult stains form the teeth. The process is used for bleaching both the dentin and the enamel layers, thus making the teeth brighter and whiter. 

There are many teeth whitening options available today and one can choose from an array of options provided.

While there are many in-office, expensive procedures for teeth whitening, there are some at home procedures as well that can give you whiter teeth, but not a permanent effect. There are whitening trays, gels, toothpastes, whitening strips, laser teeth whitening options, and many more. The best suited option for you would be determined by a Dentist. 

You cannot just think of whitening your teeth one fine morning and proceed with it. You would have to first go to the Dentist and get a thorough check up done. The Dentist would evaluate the condition of your teeth and would tell you if you need some other treatments before going for whitening. 

The simple method for yellow teeth are the over-the-counter whitening products including toothpastes and bleaching gels, whitening strips containing peroxide etc. These are the most effective and inexpensive solutions that can be availed over-the-counter. 

The method of a loaded tray for teeth whitening is also efficient and is filled with carbamide peroxide that acts as the whitening gel and is placed inside a custom made tray to fit in the gum and start working. 

Next is the laser tooth whitening procedure, which is an in office procedure. With the use of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching agent is placed in a tray which is further put inside the mouth and with the use of high energy laser. This method is pretty expensive and requiresa professional Dentist as well. The laser teeth whitening procedure cannot be carried out by anyone, only specialized Dentists can perform this procedure in their Dental Clinic.

One of the greatest advantages of laser teeth whitening is that it produces results within a few hours time. Also it is less painful as compared to other Dental procedures and takes less time to complete. The procedure will generates long-lasting results. 

Then comes the blue light teeth whitening method in which a blue beam of light is used to activate the bleaching agent reactions with the teeth. This procedure produces long-lasting results, usually permanent in nature. 

Finally, the at-home teeth whitening procedures including toothpastes, home-based teeth whitening gels containing carbamide solution, and toothpastes. These methods of teeth whitening are rarely effective as in-office treatments with a laser. 

You can choose from any of these teeth whitening procedures to suit your needs. But it is always recommended to seek a Dentist’s advice before proceeding any further.

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