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Vancouver Tooth Whitening Dr. Jared T. Bowyer 

Vancouver, Washington is the ideal place for the most reasonable tooth whitening treatments. With Dr. Jared T. Bowyer, DDS, to assist you at every step of your dental treatment, you can now get 6-9 shaded lighter teeth than you could ever think of. 

Know About Vancouver, Washington Dentist Dr. Jared T. Bowyer 

Dr. Jared T. Bowyer, one of the reputed cosmetic dentists in Vancouver, Washington offers an array of tooth whitening treatments to his patients in this region. After graduating from the Columbia University, Dr. Bowyer started practicing in Vancouver, Washington, where he has been teaching in colleges and has also been practicing cosmetic and family dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of General Dentistry, Washington State Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and AAOI. 

Dr. Bowyer and his staffs offer dedicated and comprehensive dental solutions emphasizing on personalized dental health care. They claim to be a state-of-the-art practice providing full service in General as well as Cosmetic dentistry treatments including tooth whitening, Periodontics, Endodontic, Oral surgery, Dental Implants and other such treatments. 

Tooth Whitening with Dr. Bowyer 

Dr. Bowyer along with his team of experienced staffs provides the patients with comprehensive tooth whitening treatments that can dramatically whiten the smile. The main problem experienced by patients seeking tooth whitening treatments are the stains and discolorations caused due to food habits, lifestyle factors , medications and/or age. 

The Treatment 

Dr. Bowyer offers tooth whitening trays to his patients in Vancouver. These trays are a part of the at-home tooth whitening kits. These trays contain tooth whitening gels and are to be put inside the mouth for an hour everyday. Patients prefer to wear these trays at their own leisure. Wearing these trays can give you whiter teeth in about 7-10 days. 

These tooth whitening treatments can produce significant results in a very short time. Also these treatments are safe and very effective. But if you are looking for immediate results, you must opt for the in-office tooth whitening treatments provided by Dr. Bowyer. 

The Zoom! In-office Tooth Whitening System 

The Zoom! tooth whitening system is the latest and the most advanced treatment available till date.  It can radically change the lifestyle of a person and can as well prevent further darkening of the color of tooth enamel. 

Dr. Bowyer truly understands the importance of a smile, which is the first thing to be noticed in a person. A bright white smile looks beautiful and can as well leave a long-lasting impression. 

With Zoom! tooth whitening system, you are just 4 simple steps away from your desired tooth color. 

Step #1: It is a simple procedure. The gums and lips are covered first with only your teeth exposed for treatment. 

Step #2: The dentist applies the proprietary Zoom! tooth whitening gel that is designed to remove the stains. This is followed by the Zoom! light. The gel and the light together work to penetrate the teeth very gently, thus breaking up your discolorations and stains. 

Step #3: You can sit back and relax with some light music or watch a movie while the treatment is being carried out. The gel would be applied thrice for 15 minutes each. The total treatment takes about 1 hour. 

Step #4: With the completion of the procedure, you get bright, white teeth and a beautiful smile. 

Indeed, one of the most effective treatments till date. 

For further details, visit Dr. Bowyer’s dental clinic at Vancouver, Washington.

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