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Things You Should Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

It is true that having your teeth whitened is a great way of improving your appearance. It is simply astounding to see the effects that a beautiful smile has on the overall looks of a person. The good news is that today anyone can enjoy a beautiful smile because teeth whitening is available at all prices – right from $30 Do-It-Yourself kits to $500-600 fees of a professional teeth whitening process.

Of course, the professional teeth whitening would definitely be more qualitative and less risky to the enamel of your teeth. There are also exceptionally easy-to-do home remedies that can help you get your teeth color back without having to pay through your nose.

Before you choose your method of whitening check out a few things that would help you decide:

1. What is involved in the teeth whitening process – professional teeth whitening is done by a dentist with the help of a teeth whitening gel which contains carbamide peroxide. There are two ways to do this – (i) regular way whereby the gel is applied to the teeth for a certain period of time (that is determined by the doctor) after which you achieve the desired results with complete safety; (ii) with the help of laser whereby the whitening solution is activated by the laser beam. The later is faster and the results are better.

2. Limitations of the teeth whitening process – ensure that you understand the limitation of this process. It only affects the color of our teeth. It is not any miracle-worker that would re-arrange your teeth or make any repairs that your teeth needed. Even the white color you would achieve would very much depend upon the type of stains you have and what type of solution you need for your teeth whitening process.

3. The teeth whitening process impact – this could be adverse if there are cavities and other problems on which the carbamide peroxide may act negatively. Hence, ensure that you visit a dentist and have his/ her professional opinions before going for the teeth whitening process.

4. Teeth whitening process is not permanent – you need to repeat the process at regular intervals to maintain the color of your teeth. This is not a permanent solution. The rate of discoloration after you underwent the process once would depend upon the foods you consume and your mouth hygiene habits.

5. Cost of the teeth whitening process – today, fortunately, you have access to all types of teeth whitening products starting from US $30. However, it is always advisable to use the opinion of a dentist before you use any method for the simple reason that your teeth might need some repair work before they are exposed to any bleaching agent. This stands true even when you use home remedies. The best would be to use the professional teeth whitening system – which costs about US $500 – because it is the least likely to harm the enamel.

6. Quality of the outcome – do not expect miracles. Yes, teeth would definitely be whiter than they were. However, you might not get the whitest of white teeth after you undergo the process. The quality of the white would very much depend upon the type of stains, the way you apply the solution and so on. So, do not be disappointed if the result you get does not always match your best expectations.

7. Teeth whitening needs maintenance – you want your teeth to be white, you would need to limit or ban the foods and habits that affect the color of your teeth, such as tea, coffee, starchy foods, sweets, wine, smoking, coca cola and so on.

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