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Various Types of Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia 

Due to age and other contributing factors, our teeth lose its color and become pale and yellowish. This staining not only is harmful for the teeth, but also interferes with our appearance and our self confidence. Smoking, consuming certain beverages like coffee and tea, drinks such as red wine is the leading cause of discolorations. 

Teeth whitening procedures are equally popular in Philadelphia. With the help of some of the most advanced technologies, our teeth can be whitened in a very short span of time and the results last for years. But of course, you must take good care of your teeth after going through the teeth whitening procedure. 

Dr. Richard S. Tobey and the Center City dental practice is the primary source of Zoom Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia. Besides Zoom teeth whitening, Power Whitening is also another option which is simple and can easily turn your ordinary smile into an extraordinary sparkling one. With teeth whitening you can look as well as feel younger. 

Dr. Richard S. Tobey primarily deals in the Zoom teeth whitening procedures in Philadelphia. He believes in stressing on dental care first than just whitening your teeth for the sake of vanity. Without taking good care of your teeth and without maintaining dental hygiene, it would be impossible to maintain the natural whiteness of the teeth. But sometimes just brushing or flossing the teeth doesn’t help. Something additional is needed to bring in that sunny smile. 

Zoom teeth whitening procedures are popular in Philadelphia and Dr. Richard S. Tobey can enhance your appearance by whitening your teeth to produce natural effects. The procedure takes just about an hour time approximately. Within an hour, you can get pearly white teeth with very less pain or discomfort involved. Also these procedures produce long lasting effects if proper hygiene is maintained. 

Besides Columbus teeth whitening, there are some other options as well, such as Power whitening which is designed in a way to reach the microscopic tubes that form the tooth enamel and remove the stains that could not be possibly reached previously. Power whitening is the best till date in the world of cosmetic dentistry. It is a system that follows 3-steps and can efficiently eliminate all the stains from your teeth. While Zoom Teeth whitening produces results in just about an hour, it takes about 2-3 weeks time for the Power Whitening system to show results. However, the efficacy of Power whitening is much more than that of Zoom Teeth whitening and people in Philadelphia swears by it.  

We all know what Zoom Teeth whitening does—it uses carbamide peroxide gel which is applied onto the teeth and with the use of zoom light the particles are activated to produce the whitening effect. But in case of Power Whitening the first step is almost the same as Zoom Teeth whitening. During the first visits, molds are usually taken of the teeth to create custom-fabricated trays.  These trays are fitted into the mouth for 2 weeks and are removed. Later the teeth would be sealed to avoid any further stains. It is indeed phenomenal!

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