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The Truth About Teeth Whitening Gum

Of the many teeth whitening products and teeth whitening kits available in the market today, there is now a chewing gum composition formulated for teeth whitening.

A tooth consists of an inner layer (dentin) and an outer protective layer made up of hard enamel.  The enamel layer in its natural condition is opaque white or slightly off white in color.  It is the enamel layer that becomes discolored or stained due to many factors.  The enamel layer of the tooth is made of mineral crystals, and has a surface that is somewhat porous.  The porous nature of the enamel allows discoloring substances and staining agents to permeate the enamel and cause discoloring of the teeth.

Many of the substances that we come in contact with every day, can reduce or stain the whiteness of the teeth.  Foods, fluids like tea and coffee, tobacco products can all cause staining.  These substances accumulate and form a film over the teeth and permeate the enamel layer, causing discoloring and staining.

Professional teeth whitening is performed by dentists, by using 30% hydrogen peroxide simultaneously with heat and light, to trigger an oxidation reaction.  This method works fast, but many people feel it is more desirable to have an effective teeth whitening process without the use of heat and light.

There is another professional method for teeth whitening, called the office monitored home based bleaching system, which uses a mouth guard or tray and the bleaching agent is placed within the tray.  The tray is placed over the teeth for bleaching to take place.  This treatment has the drawback of tooth sensitivity and irritation of the oral tissues.  Also, the bleaching happens very slowly.

Consequently, there is a demand in the market for a tooth whitening product which can be used anywhere, at home, at work, while exercising or traveling, and is easy and safe to use. Chewing gum, adapted to achieve the goal of teeth whitening, is such a product.

Chewing gum usually consists of a gum base which is water insoluble, and a water soluble component with flavors and flavoring agents.  The flavors and the water soluble portion dissipate while chewing takes place, and the gum base remains in the mouth throughout the chewing process.

The present teeth whitening gum is an invention which offers a novel chewing gum composition.  It has a gum base and contains  softening agents, flavorants, sweeteners and other ingredients, and a safe, effective whitening amount of water soluble sodium or potassium percarbonate, neem oil, sodium bicarbonate and parsley extract.  The peroxide source is sodium percarbonate. This substance is preferred as it is highly water soluble and dissolves fast, to generate hydrogen peroxide which also provides alkalinity in the mouth.  The percarbonate material is commercially available in powder form in pharmacological and technical grades.

To get the most out of the teeth whitening gum, it is a good idea to chew after meals and after eating anything sweet.  Chewing teeth whitening gum has the added benefit of stimulating saliva, which neutralizes the acids that contribute to tooth decay.

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