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The Emerging Trend of Teeth Whitening In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A perfect look is what we want; we wear designer outfits, expensive makeup and get our hair done neatly to look good. We don’t even forget about the matching pair of shoes. That’s what we call perfection.  In the midst of all these perfect things, if your teeth looks stained and yellowish all your efforts would go in vain. 

Considering this, people are now more conscious about the advanced teeth whitening techniques being used in Oklahoma City. Yellow and stained teeth are a great drawback in every sphere of life – this is what the patients visiting Dr. Terry Bass in Oklahoma City has to say. They share their painful experiences with Dr. Terry Bass which gives him an idea about the kind of humiliation that his patients have to go through. But this shouldn’t be a problem any longer, since Dr. Terry Bass has come up with some of the finest Long Beach teeth whitening solutions for his patients in the Oklahoma City. 

Dr. Terry Bass is widely known in the Oklahoma City for his metal-free dentistry and he is now one among the most popular cosmetic dentists in the city. He offers affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures to everyone. He intends to provide his patients with exceptional dental solutions while giving them long-lasting satisfaction.  

After graduating from the reputed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in various fields including occlusion, advanced posterior aesthetics, advanced anterior aesthetics and creativity in direct bonding, he has been practicing in Oklahoma City for more than 24 years now. He also holds a DDS from the prestigious University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry and is an expert in teeth whitening procedures. 

Dr. Bass believes in implementing the teeth whitening procedures when the teeth tend to lose its luster. Teeth whitening have become one of the most popular treatments at Dr. Bass’s office. It is the simplest and the most stress-free procedure for treating enamel discoloration and is affordable. Dr. Bass offers 3 methods of teeth whitening including Zoom! Teeth whitening, Opalescence whitening and the take-home whitening kits. 

Incase of Zoom! Teeth whitening, which is an in-office procedure, Dr. Bass supervises his patients and carries put the treatment. It is the quickest of all teeth whitening solutions and can enhance the color of your teeth up to 9 shades. Zoom! Teeth whitening are the most popular method in practice in Oklahoma City. With the application of a whitening gel on the teeth and the use of the special zoom light; your teeth can be whitened effectively in just 60 minutes. 

Opalescence is also an in-office treatment like Zoom! Teeth whitening and is very effective in removing the stains and spots caused due to tea, coffee, smoking, excess fluoride, genetic factors, the use of tetracycline etc. The treatment involves the use of a carbamide peroxide solution formula that needs to be applied to the teeth for an hour and then removed, no laser or lamp is needed during this procedure and it doesn’t cause sensitivity as well. 

For all those patients in Oklahoma City who prefer to use whitening kits at home, Dr. Bass has custom designed trays for them containing the concentrated bleaching gel that would gradually whiten the teeth. 

Visit Dr.Bass and get instant results in a very short span of time.

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