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Best Dentist in Tennessee

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Dr. Randy Staples

3021 Hwy. 45 ByPass
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Telephone: 731-668-6700

URL: http://www.randystaplesdds.com/
Email: rstapleddds@gmail.com

Dr. Randy Staples is the best dentist in Tennessee of late. He offers revolutionary dental services, and his mini dental implant is an excellent method that has helped many patients in this region. Taking the unique path to modern dentistry, Dr. Staples offers different opportunities for people with dental problems, particularly loss of teeth.

Besides mini dental implant, Dr. Staples is known for all the other fields of dentistry that he specializes in.

Why the Best Dentist?

Dr. Randy Staples has more than 32 years of work experience, which makes him a leading dentist in Tennessee. His staffs are qualified and well equipped to support all your dental needs.

A graduate of the University Of Tennessee School Of Dentistry, Dr. Staples believes in ongoing education that makes him one of the finest dentists in the state. He has been associated with many reputed organizations that aim to improve the overall oral health conditions of the masses.

Dr. Staples totally understands and recognizes the concerns that bring people to his clinic and he along with his staffs take good care of every individual. It is important to make the patient feel comfortable before, during and after a dental treatment, as the procedures are often frightening for some people. For patients fearing dental treatments, local sedation might be recommended.

Services Offered

Dr. Staples is quiet popular and known for his mini dental implants in Tennessee. So, what is a mini dental implant?

Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are almost half the traditional implants in size and they do not require a lot of bone structure. As the procedure needs lesser bone, it becomes less painful, less expensive and heals quickly as well.

Mini implants are smaller than traditional implants and are also less invasive. This method of treatment will prevent bone structure damage as well.

Lesser healing time, lower cost, speedy recovery, less invasive and immediate results – these features make mini dental implant dentistry the most viable options for people in Tennessee.

Single Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is no longer a matter of concern in Tennessee with some of the most advanced treatments available in this part of the world. Instead of bridge or crowns, mini implants can beautifully replace your tooth to give you an esthetic look.

Furthermore, it also helps in supporting the crown and in providing a good structure to the tooth and also the adjacent teeth.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

It is now possible to replace multiple teeth with mini dental implant treatment. It has proved to be the best solution to have occurred to patients in Tennessee.

Mini dental implant is also an alternative to the traditional root canal therapy. Whilst most root canal treatments are over a period of 3 years, mini dental implants last longer than expected.

Dr. Staples provides all the other regular services, such as cleaning, teeth whitening, scaling, preventative oral care, veneers etc. But mini dental implants are his specialty and that makes him the most distinguished personality as a dentist in Tennessee. 

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