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Tempe Tooth Whitening with Dr. Bart Van DDS

Discolored or stained teeth are definitely a let down, and we often find ourselves not confident enough. Tooth whitening products are very popular these days and there are many products that can be bought over the counter from any of your local druggists. However dentists advise us to consult a dental specialist before buying any of these. Although these products come with tall claims, they could be harmful since we would not know the concentration of bleaching agent that has been used. A high concentration of the bleaching agent is harmful to the gums and lips as these contain delicate tissues which can be easily burnt.

Tooth Whitening a Constant Routine

Taking care of your tooth that has been recently whitened is a lifestyle change that you will need to make and you will have to do it everyday to maintain that dazzling smile. It is necessary to check and clean your teeth regularly through brushing and flossing as food is one of the main causes for tooth discoloration.

You can also use teeth whitening toothpastes that are now easily available. They are regular toothpastes which contain a small concentration of the bleaching agent. There is a slight change in the shade of your teeth, although it takes some time to notice the difference.

Dr Bart Van DDS from Tempe Arizona

Dr. Bart is a native of Arizona and finds passion in dentistry and all the aspects involved in dentistry. He is satisfied when he can successfully make a change in his patient’s oral health.  He is a strong believer in communication before carrying out any dental procedure.  Dr. Bart is a graduate from the University of the Pacific Dental School and is a recipient of many awards coupled with numerous honors for his excellence. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the Invisalign Study Club. He is considered to be a skilled professional who is dedicated and caring as well and believes in keeping his patients educated about the procedures that they can opt for.

Tooth Whitening At Tempe Arizona

Dr. Bart uses the Zoom2 tooth whitening product for any in-office tooth whitening procedures. Zoom2 tooth whitening gives instant results and does not take more than an hour. This is the most convenient way of tooth whitening since it does not involve trays that need to be fixed to the jaw and the gradual whitening by this process is the best choice for those with busy schedules. The Zoom2 is a light activated gel and has been one of the most successful products after years of research by Discus Dental who are also the leaders in professional at-home tooth whitening. The gel is scientifically formulated and contains hydrogen peroxide in normal quantities that penetrates the teeth and removes the stains on it. You will need to however take proper care of your dazzling white teeth at home as well as visit your dentist for a regular touch-up.

To get your tooth whitening done, by the fastest and best technology visit Dr. Bart’s clinic at Tempe Arizona.

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