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Teeth Whitening in St. Louis, Missouri for Dramatic Results

Some of the popular TV programs have popularized the innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures of late. Smile makeovers and the teeth whitening procedures are the most widely used methods of cosmetic dentistry that can significantly change the appearance of a person. These are regarded as the most effective methods of improving your smile and also strengthening your confidence in general. This in turn can be a great boost for your professional and your social life as well. 

Choosing a cosmetic dentist in St. Louis can be really difficult, since not all of them can provide you with the kind of results that you are aiming at. You must always choose a cosmetic dentists having full cosmetic dentistry training. Any basic dental school would not take the pain of teaching everything about this stream. In St. Louis, Dr. Kirk Quigless has proved to be the best cosmetic dentist delivering extraordinary dental services to his patients.  

Dr. Quigless is a well trained cosmetic dentist holding a degree of the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. LVI is the only premiere school for neuromuscular as well as cosmetic dentistry that attracts qualified dentists from countries all across the globe. Dr. Quigless has received training on both these fields of neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry. He has been performing excellent procedures in the state and believes in looking into the details of every patient’s condition before proceeding any further. 

As teeth whitening procedures are very much in demand, Dr. Quigless takes great pride in offering the best and the most effective Bakersfield teeth whitening solutions in St. Louis. He provides both in-offices as well as take-home teeth whitening solutions. The patient is allowed to decide which method to choose according to the time he/she can spend for teeth whitening. While the in office teeth whitening procedures deliver quicker results, the take home kits might take a week to show up the effects. 

Dr. Quigless uses Rembrandt teeth whitening system for his in-office treatment. This process involves the application of a teeth whitening gel to the teeth and is followed by the illumination of a special lamp for intensifying the procedure. The lamp used will not cause any harm to your gums or your teeth, but would actually help in cleaning the stains from your teeth. The   process takes approximately 2 hours to be completed. This indeed is the fastest of all teeth whitening systems. 

The take home kits on the other hand are also useful; Dr. Quigless offers custom-designed take home kits to his patients. These are quite different from the over-the-counter kits as they contain custom-fitted trays meant solely for your teeth. These trays fit inside your mouth really well and cover up all the effected regions to provide the best results. The whitening gel used in the take-home kits is also stronger than that of the over-the-counter kits and the results are impressive. However, you should know that this is a gradual process and would take some time for the results to manifest, unlike the in-office procedure.  

Teeth whitening have become essential in some cases as it can bring back your lost self-confidence, your youth and your vigor as well.

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