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Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs – an Exceptional Smile is Just a Step Away 

Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening is a widely heard term. It is one of the best ways of improving your smile in just one single dental visit. But not all of the cosmetic dentists can offer the desired results. If you want to know about the best cosmetic dentist available in Colorado Springs, read on and find out how you can choose the best cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening. 

Cosmetic dentists having advanced cosmetic dentistry training from the LVI are the best in the business. They are the ones who can give you a perfect smile with dazzling white teeth. A smile that is both healthy and attractive makes you look and feel great. 

With the best and the latest dentistry offered by Dr. Gregory M. Solich, DDS, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular treatments, you can now smile more often. 

Being a graduate of the University Of Colorado School Of Dentistry, Dr. Solich has been practicing on his own in Colorado Springs, his hometown. He is totally dedicated to offering the best and the most advanced treatments in dentistry. He has also received a post-graduate training form the well known Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies or LVI. 

He is truly committed to providing the best to his patients in health, in functions and in esthetics that the modern field of dentistry offers, and in an environment that is safe, relaxing and extremely comfortable for his patients. 

Dr. Solich is an expert cosmetic dentist and offers 3 methods of teeth whitening. No matter what the cause of staining is, be it your food intake, age or genetics, he claims to remove the stains very effectively with his methods of teeth whitening. 

The 3 methods include: 

  • Professional whitening

  • At-home whitening

  • Supervised at-home whitening done with the help of the dentist.

The professional teeth whitening treatment is the best and the fastest of all for the right candidates. With the use of Zoom !teeth whitening, Dr. Solich can radically change your smile in just about 60 minutes. A protective whitening gel is neatly applied to the gums and then a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. Next, a special light is illuminated to enhance the action of the whitening gel. This needs to be repeated for some time until the desired whiteness is attained. In some worst cases however, one or more sessions might be required. 

Zoom is the most widely used teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, but as Dr. Gorman is an exceptionally well trained dentist he might not recommend this method to all his patients depending on the condition of their teeth and the cause of stains. 

The at-home treatments can be readily availed from the stores. These products consist of a bleaching gel and an additional mouth guard. Teeth whitening toothpastes are also available. But these treatments are usually not as effective as the in-office treatments since they contain less concentrated gels. 

The third method is supervised at-home whitening done with the help of the dentist, in which Dr. Gorman provides you with the Minneapolis teeth whitening gel and custom-made mouth guard for better results. These guards are to be worn till the time you get the desired results. 

Depending on your oral health, Dr. Gorman will recommend the most feasible treatment for you. Visit him in his Colorado Springs dental clinic for further assistance. 

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