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Teeth Whitening: Common Treatments for an Uncommon Smile

We all want to achieve a pearly white smile. A great white smile can bring confidence to a person, and it can also make him or her feel good about himself or herself. That is why a large number of people, not only those with discoloration problems, turn to teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening can be achieved in three ways: by going to the dentist, by buying teeth whitening products, or by using common household items to make teeth whiteners that cost less than the traveling cost to go to the dentist’s office. Here are some of the common treatments for tooth whitening:

In the Dentist’s Office

You may have to pay a professional fee to have a teeth whitening treatment done at the dentist’s office, but availing professional help is never a bad thing, especially if you have deeply stained and discolored teeth. The cost of professional teeth whitening ranges from $400 to $1,100, depending on the gravity of your case. A usual teeth whitening procedure is the use of laser light to activate a specially formulated gel to treat deeply rooted teeth discoloration. Or your dentist can use a hydrogen peroxide solution for teeth whitening so as to change and lighten the natural coloring of your teeth chemically. On both procedures, clinics will ensure that your gums and your lips are thoroughly protected so avoid chemical burning.

Buying Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners

Availing of products that are usually found in your local pharmacy is another option in teeth whitening. There are a wide range of teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening gels or solutions you can buy that have to be left for overnight use so that your teeth can achieve a lighter and whiter color. These products usually have a 10% to 15% carbamide peroxide active ingredient.

There are also professionally made teeth whitening products you can buy online or in special dental stores.

Examples of these are the following:

35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel System
36% Carbamide Peroxide Bluelight Gel System
Thermo Forming Mouth Trays
Laser Activated Blue Light
Remineralization Gel (this is more of an assisting product used in teeth whitening)
36% Plasma Laser Bluelight Teeth Whitening Kit

Some teeth whitening toothpastes have calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, silica, and aluminum oxide to break up stains or debris on your enamel that can cause yellowing of teeth. These debris that fill the micro cracks on your enamel as the years pass can also take out the usual porcelain-like luster of your teeth.

Home-made Teeth Whiteners

For those with a lesser budget, they can also try home made teeth whitening products, although these teeth whiteners usually take a long time for you to actually see any significant result. It may take years before they take effect, but these tooth whitening items are, without a doubt, effective in their own right.

The commonly used home-made teeth whitening agents are as follows:

Baking soda
Baking soda plus water
Baking soda plus lemon juice and salt
Pumice stone and lemon juice
Orange rind or orange peel
Crushed bay leaves and crushed orange peel
Vinegar, more popularly, apple cider vinegar is used
Rock salt

These teeth whitening items usually found at home or in the grocery have been used over the years to get whiter teeth without forking out too much that you end up hurting your wallet. However, patience is needed if you are going to use home-made teeth whiteners as results are not as instantaneous as compared to using professionally made teeth whitening products or availing your dentist’s service.

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