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Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Does it Work?

The shelves of every grocery store seem to be filled with teeth whitening kits and teeth whitening toothpaste. Though these pastes are quite expensive then our usual ones but they are much cheaper than professional whitening procedures. Today, an attractive and dazzling smile is what everyone wants. Whether you are a model, a receptionist, an actor or a flight attendant, you need to have a pearly smile to have a pleasing personality. More and more people are opting for professional teeth whitening procedures like bleaching, and the rest are using teeth whitening toothpastes. But the question is, whether these toothpastes can really whiten your teeth as they claim to?

Whitening toothpastes are perfect for people who either smoke or drink red wine, coffee and tea or eat lots of junk foods, as these are the things that stain your teeth and make it yellowish.  There are a lot of whitening toothpaste brands available in the market, as the million dollar smile industry is booming. Whitening toothpastes are also advised to be used after you had a treatment for teeth whitening to prevent formation of surface discoloring on your teeth.

 Whitening toothpastes are actually toothpastes with a very small concentration of Carbamide Peroxide. It is the main constituent of most of the teeth bleaching systems. They also have mild abrasives that remove some surface stains. Apart from this, some whitening toothpastes also have certain polishing agents and particular chemicals that may be more efficient in fighting against stains than the regular ones. The manufacturers of these toothpastes claim that with sustained and regular use, you will get a whiter set of teeth and a brilliant smile. It is true that whitening toothpastes do lighten your teeth, but the effect might not be as much as you hope. In fact the concentration of carbamide peroxide in such whitening toothpastes is so little that you can not expect them to do much for betterment of appearance of your teeth. However, they are a great way to preserve your whiter smile which you have acquired from dental bleaching.

The makers of these whitening toothpastes also offer you many other features to combat heavy competition. Some offer vivid white teeth while others have freshness and protection against germs. Some claim to make your smile admired by everyone of the opposite sex while others offer rejuvenating effects or long lasting whiteness or tartar protection whitening. And then there are all kinds of flavors! The options are wide and far. It is impossible to choose one toothpaste brand over another and the only way out is to try and experiment as results speak much louder than words. Do not forget to get your dentist’s recommendation before starting with any. Another thing to remember is that your tooth whitening toothpaste should also have fluoride for extra protection against tooth decay.

Though these toothpastes can’t really turn your brown teeth to pearly white but they sure can help you to maintain them in a better way.
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