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Teeth Whitening Strips - Do They Work?

Everybody today wants to look good. There are many ways to make you look and feel good – one of it being having a perfect smile. A good smile is the best makeup one can wear; the best beautifying trait. However, in order that your smile has the power of attraction and charm you want, you need to have beautiful white teeth. If your teeth are yellow and stained then your smile could have the exact opposite effect from what you would want. Hence, you need to ensure that your teeth are as beautiful as possible. How can you ensure that?

What Do You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different percentages to clear the stains accumulated over the years on the enamel of the teeth. Some procedures are highly effective, while some take longer to produce the desired effects. Most people choose a teeth whitening method based on the terms that are most suitable to them. The factors that influence this decision most often are two (i) quality of the product/ method and (ii) cost of the product/ method.

Accordingly, there are many methods to choose from – (i) professional treatment that are done by the dentist; (ii) home remedies; (iii) teeth whitening strips, (iv) Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening system; (v) Do It Yourself teeth whitening kits. Among all these, one of the most popular are the teeth whitening strips.

Do The Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work?

Most people prefer the teeth whitening strips because they are highly affordable and easy to use at home, any time. What you have to do is take the teeth whitening strips and press them over the teeth keeping them there for about 30 minutes. Though this is a very easy process, it does not give instant results. You would need to repeat this process two-three times a week over two to three weeks until you get the desired result.

The question whether the teeth whitening strips really work is not correct. The question should be, "does it work the way you wanted it/ expected?" In that case, one can say that this process is a little slow and might not give you the whitest of the teeth color. However, on the plus side is that it does remove stubborn stains and discoloration of the enamel which overall brightens the smile.

Whether it works or not depends upon what you are comparing it with. If you compare it with the professional teeth whitening process, then it is guaranteed that you would not really be happy with the results you are getting from the teeth whitening strips. However, if you compare the results with most of the do it yourself kits, then you will find that the teeth whitening strips wrk as good as any of them.

Caution About The Use Of Teeth Whitening Strips

There are a few dangers that need to be avoided when using the teeth whitening strips. For example, if you keep it longer than required, you might end up with sensitive teeth for a long time (sometime even for life) which is not something that one would look forward to. Another problem is that the gums might be affected badly if the instructions are not followed well.

Overall, the verdict is that the teeth whitening strips do work. This is a great way to have the teeth coloring fixed at the most affordable price and without too much hassles. However, if you want excellent results, you would need to go for the professional laser teeth whitening process, which though costs much more, would give you the desired results.

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