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Teeth Whitening Options Explained

Beauty today is a very relative term. Some people like themselves and others thin, while other appreciate voluptuousness; some people like conforming to fashion rules while some love to go against it. There is no common denominator in the definition of beauty. However, everybody appreciates a well groomed person.

When you say ‘well groomed’ you can say this is not exactly a beauty trait; rather a presentation trait. This includes everything on our body – your cleanliness, the way your hair is done, your face, your teeth, your nails, your clothes, your shoes, everything.

The best of best outfits, the best of best make up, the best of best manners – become useless when they are accompanies by a yellow-teeth smile. How many times you saw an exceptional looking person, only to be repelled by the color and shape of their teeth?

Anyone Can Have White Teeth And A Dazzling Smile

It is possible today for everyone to have a great smile with perfect white teeth. There are enough options for every budget. There are many methods that you could choose from, that are convenient, fast and affordable. Of course, there are professional treatments also which are expensive and tailor made – but you need not avail of these unless you want and can afford the best there is.

Check out the options available for teeth whitening and choose the one that suits you best:

1. Professional bleaching – it is advised that you start (the first teeth bleaching or teeth whitening process) should be made with a professional dentist. This is because the stains that come on your teeth over time may camouflage certain problems – such as cavities, worn out enamel and the like which could create further problems when the bleach agent is applied. The dentist would be able to identify these problems and repair them before the bleach in applied and hence, you would be able to enjoy the result of having a beautiful smile without any side effects. The only disadvantage with this method is that it is usually very expensive – it would average US $500.

2. Do It Yourself (DIY) Kits - The alternative to the professional teeth whitening process is to get a DIY kit and do it yourself at home. You would need to read the instruction with extreme care and followed strictly to the letter. There are a lot side effects from using the DIY kits which happen most often than not because the instructions are not carried out well rather than anything else.

3. Home made remedies – there are many, many home made remedies that can help you get your teeth color back without any problem and at minimal cost if any. Most of these substances come from the kitchen shelf and can be used on a daily basis without any problem.

4. Herbal teeth whiteners – the market is gradually seeing an increase in herbal products and teeth whiteners are also coming up. Despite the fact that the FDA does not endorse any herbal products yet, there are a good number of leading brands which are exceptionally effective without having any side effects. The plus point here is that there are no chemicals involved as the formulas are based on herbs and their natural bleaching properties.

A word of caution – before you decide to bleach your teeth ensure that you visit your dentist at least once to check out whether there are any major flaws with your teeth that could be affected when bleach of any type would be applied for the teeth whitening process. It is important that you have the okay of a professional so you would not end up with more troubles than you started with.

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