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Teeth Whitening Myths

Myths and facts are entwined together about whitening teeth. To get a grip on the matter and not be fooled by hearsay it is necessary to sift fact from fiction.

The importance of two rows of smiling teeth need not be underlined. The problem is how to make it sparkling white and keep it so? The most commonsense approach would be to bear in mind that the colour of the teeth is related to the health of the individual. Health is all about genes, followed by personal eating practices and other oral related hygiene.

The first fact about discolouration of teeth is that it is due to stains from bacteria, tobacco, beverages like tea and coffee as also eating contrary food. Stains resulting from bacteria may range from green, black to orange. Trauma has been known to colour teeth pink, gray or yellow. Then there are diseases like leprosy that stain the whole system including the teeth.

Some myths have grown around teeth care because till a few decades ago dentistry was regarded as a poor cousin of the main medical fraternity. But times have changed. Research and development in oral health have advanced by leaps and bounds. This has led to the explosion of many dental myths.

Teeth need constant care. The myth is that once I have got rid of the stain I will relax. The reality is contradicts it. Even if you can’t stop drinking tea and coffee, give smoking a kick and take less of animal flesh.

There is a wrong notion that whitening will give the magic touch not only to the teeth but also to the fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers. So be careful otherwise two shades of colour will give a funny twist to the smile.

Another myth making the rounds is that only dentists can whiten the teeth. The fact that has been proved by a study is that home remedy is as good and as effective.

The myth is that persons of all ages can go for the whitening treatment but the reality is that it is not recommended for children.

Some myths have exploded leading to the establishment of certain facts. The truth is that medium brushes are good for the teeth, regular visits to the dentist are required, aspirin should not be freely swallowed, brushing must be circular, flossing is necessary, adults too can opt for braces to give the touch of smartness to their looks, bleeding gums should not be left alone but tackled with a soft brush and children too require flossing.

So the first thing is general health and to look at the tooth as part of the whole. The myth is to look at it as something extra. To treat the part the whole has to be cared for. Mere cosmetic change will not do in the long run. This is the reality of common sense but the myth of advertisements in conjunction with business groups dealing with tooth care will give out other signals.

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