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Short on time? In San Francisco if you are looking for a dentist for teeth whitening without wasting time, then Dr.  George Markle is the one to see.  There are many reasons why someone will want a whitening session for their teeth and the reasons can range from cosmetic to aesthetic purposes. There are two forms of whitening. One is at home system with a tray and the other is professional whitening done in a dentist’s office. Both would need a consult with a doctor to see which one would be right for the patient in question.

Now, what can the results be for teeth whitening? A much brighter smile that can be noticed is one result. Sometimes your teeth can be whitened from 6 to 10 shades, depending upon the color of white you want to have your teeth. The professional way of doing this is called in office or in chair bleaching. Dr. Markle uses a protective gel around the gums and also uses a laser to accelerate the process of bleaching. This can last from 1 to 5 years and will require a touch up. Dr. Markle is the best at this type of procedure in San Francisco.

While over the counter teeth whitening aids are inexpensive, they do not work as well as the professional treatments and can damage tooth enamel if not done correctly. That is why a visit to Dr. Markle would be the best course of auction. In San Francisco, there is none better to do whitening quickly and with professional results.  Dr. Markle is well associated with cosmetic dentistry and he also has a national reputation for speaking on all forms of dentistry.

When it comes to San Diego teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco, Dr. Markle is a standout.  This type of procedure is painless and non invasive. Depending upon how white your smile is going to be, it can take more than one treatment. Dr. Markle will be able to determine the right amount of treatments for his patients. He has membership in International Association of Orthodontics and Orthopedics as well as being a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Dentistry among other prestigious memberships.  He is often a very visible and vocal proponent of dentistry in San Francisco.

So if you are in San Francisco, and are looking for a dentist for teeth whitening, then Dr. Markle’s office can help you with that. You can make an appointment by calling 415-781-4725. His office is located at 450 Sutter Building, Suite 1919 in San Francisco.  Dr. Markle has been in business for over 30 years and has a lot of enthusiastic references and referrals. His office is open five days a week for business. At your first appointment, everything will be explained as far as the whitening goes and what to expect from this whitening. Dr. Markle’s office prides itself on the human touch and the human touch makes for a lot of happy clients of Dr. Markle. 

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