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Teeth Whitening Has Become A Hot Trend

Teeth whitening is a process by which one can achieve almost total success in the whitening of their teeth. This process involves the use of teeth-whitening gel which is normally applied by a professional. There are also ways that teeth whitening can be done at home without any intervention from a dentist. The results are usually stunning as the enamel is cleaned of the effects that the organic matters left over the teeth. This is not a permanent solution and it has to be repeated time and again at regular intervals to maintain the shine and impeccable white color.

Everybody Loves It

Since this process improves the appearance of a person dramatically and it is accessible to the common man has made it a hot trend. Who does not want to look good? And if looking good means that you whiten your teeth,why not? The process when done by a dentist has the advantage that it covers all other imperfections that could have developed over the years, such as broken or worn out teeth, cavities and so on.

There are two major ways to whiten the teeth:

1. Professional teeth whitening – this method has the dentist go over your teeth to decide the exact level of teeth whitener should be used. He/ she also would make all the necessary repairs before proceeding with the whitening. The advantage of having the teeth whitened by a doctor is that it is done safely and you are assured that the teeth enamel is not harmed.

2. Do it yourself kits – the other method is the DIY kits that are available over the counter everywhere. If you choose this method, look for the American Dental Association (ADA) approval seal which would minimize your risk. It is not advisable to use any teeth whitening kits that need you to use their product for more than 14 days continuously.

The cost of the professionally done teeth whitening process, costs about $500-600 while the DIY kits normally start at $30. The price difference would be indicative of the effect difference. This is why there is a danger of harming your teeth if you repeatedly use the DIY without any medical supervision.

The Advantages

The teeth whitening process carries with it a lot many advantages:

1. Improves appearance dramatically - It is an excellent way to improve one’s appearance. This is why the teeth-whitening is becoming a hot trend among the 21st century crowd. Having a beautiful smile is now within the reach of anybody who wants it.

2. Improves self-confidence – looking god very often influences how people feel about themselves. Hence, the teeth-whitening process also improves a person’s self confidence and the personal feel-good factor.

3. Improves attractiveness – it is easier to kiss someone who has excellent looking teeth rather than one who has brown or yellow stained teeth. Hence, this process also improves the overall attractiveness – which is another great reason why this process is gradually becoming a hot trend.

The Disadvantages

1. Too high expectations – the hype and advertisements increase the expectations of people to such extent that they expect too much out the process. The teeth whitening definitely makes a great difference to your smile – however, the level of white very much depends upon the type of stains you have and how these were acquired.

2. Dangers of getting sensitive teeth – if you are not careful and use the DIY kits indiscriminately you might develop sensitive teeth which can be a great problem for the rest of your life.

3. Cost – the professional teeth whitening is still on the higher side, though within the reach of the common man.

Overall the teeth whitening is gradually becoming one of the favorite ways of improving appearance for the simple reason that it is fast and affordable.

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