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There are many different types of teeth whitening gels. Cabamide Peroxide is one of the main gels used in teeth whitening because it is safe and the effect is amazing. Carbamide peroxide comes in many different strengths with 22% being the most popular choice. When deciding on a strength, you should consider how sensitive your gums are. The high the strength of teeth whitening gels, the more irritation with gums you are going to have. We recommend 22% because its safe, simple, and reduces irritation to sensitive gums.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the other teeth whitening gel that is used and the main teeth whitening system that has this is crest white strips. Hydrogen peroxide is very safe but it is not effective as carbamide peroxide. If you want fast teeth whitening results, the choice would be carbamide peroxide.

What teeth whitening gel is the best?

Depending on your desired results, the higher the concentration of the gel, the faster results you will achieve. Many people experience tooth sensitivity with higher concentrations, so a 22% concentration would be the most feasible solution. Dramatic Smiles offers three types of whitening gels and you should do your own research before deciding on the right concentration.

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