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Teeth Whitening Smile Makeover in Bakersfield, California 

In the recent past there have been great advancements in the field of medical science and technologies, such improvements have brought in some of the best technologies that can remarkably perk up our health conditions including our teeth. The advancements in the field of dentistry, both general and cosmetic have been phenomenal and people in Bakersfield have witnessed some superlative advancement in this field. 

One of the leading cosmetic dentists in Bakersfield, Dr. Thomas Frank has been practicing in this region for a considerable period of time now. He has proved to be the best cosmetic dentist in Bakersfield practicing aesthetic dentistry. A graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, he has established the Center for dental Aesthetics with a vision to help his patients in attaining a new level of health and beauty. With the use of all the state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Frank believes that he can actually aid his patients and give them the benefits of a flawless smile. 

Dr. Frank has acquired extensive training with the finest aesthetic as well as occlusion dentists in this country in various programs including the UCLA Aesthetic Continuums and also with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the World Clinical Laser Institute. With considerable experience in some critical cases, he has developed an understanding of all the dynamics of a perfect smile and the preservation of mouth. Dr. Frank is a truly dedicated professional who not only believes in meeting his commitments but also believes in meeting his own set standards for distinction. 

The importance of a sparkling white smile wasn’t realized until the methods of cosmetic dentistry came into practice. Making subtle changes in the shade of the teeth can also improve one’s appearance and make the person look younger. While there are several factors contributing to the discoloration of teeth, there are many advanced procedures that can improve the color of the teeth and make necessary changes. 

Dr. Frank offers the in-office Toledo teeth whitening treatment that involves the use of a LaserSmile whitening procedure, which is one of the quickest methods of teeth whitening. This one-hour treatment is performed with the use of high-powered hydrogen peroxide gel that has a gentle effect on the teeth, which is further activated by laser energy. This is a painless procedure that is carried out under the supervision of a dentist. While you relax and take some rest, your teeth will be whitened like magic. 

For people having problems with tough stains caused due to tetracycline, Dr. Frank recommends porcelain veneers. He is an expert in field of cosmetic dentistry and your problem will be sorted much before you realize that you are actually undergoing a treatment. 

People in Bakersfield are really fortunate to have such an experienced cosmetic dentist to assist them. Dr. Frank believes in bringing a smile to everyone’s face in Bakersfield and takes great pride in being the best man in this business. 

If you want to see Dr. Frank in Bakersfield, you can make an appointment as soon as possible.

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