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Teeth Whitening Can Make a Difference – Meet Dr. E. Mark Wade in Mesa, Arizona 

One common dental problem is the discoloration of tooth over time. While there are many reason for this discoloration of teeth, but there aren’t enough preventive measures to stop this discoloration.  

Discoloration of teeth is caused primarily by the foods that we eat; foods such as tea, coffee, some spices, cola, red wine and certain lifestyle habits like smoking. While there are certain changes that can be made, but one cannot actually give up foods. Also sometimes age plays a major role in the discoloration of teeth and the development of stains. 

Until a few years ago, there weren’t much to be done about this particular dental problem except for recommending some whitening toothpastes containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in higher percentages. However, times have changed and so have our medical procedures. Today cosmetic dentistry is one of the latest and the finest technologies that can help in removing the stains from the teeth. These procedures can help us in getting back the natural color of our teeth. Yes, its actually possible says Dr. E. Mark Wade, DDS PC, Mesa, Arizona. 

Dr. Wade is a reputed cosmetic dentist in Mesa and is one of the most experienced cosmetic dentists in that region.  After completing his undergraduate studies from the Creighton University, Dr. Wade achieved his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the Creighton School of Dentistry in the year 1984. Since 1984, Dr. Wade is practicing here in Mesa, Arizona. With such vast experience and expertise, he is definitely one of the best cosmetic dentists in Mesa. 

Dr. Wade believes in living with the current trend and adapting all the latest technologies in the field of dentistry. He has been attending post-graduate courses to become a master of his field and to provide quality treatment to all his patients. He is a specialist on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

Dr. Wade offers the safest and the most inexpensive treatment solutions to his patients in Mesa and creates that dazzling white smile that his patients desire. The teeth whitening procedures used are simple and painless techniques that can dramatically change the color of your teeth up to 9 shades. These procedures are quick and easy and needless to say, the best one till date. 

Dr. Wade offers Zoom! teeth whitening procedure that can be performed in the dental office. One of the most specialized teeth whitening techniques, the Zoom! Teeth whitening formula can bring about dramatic changes to the teeth color in just approximately 60 minutes. The process entails the use of a special Zoom teeth whitening gel that needs to be applied to the teeth after properly isolating the teeth from the lips and the gums. The gel is then activated by a special Zoom light illuminating the affected regions and carrying out the procedure even further for producing best results.  

People here in Mesa swear by the Zoom! teeth whitening treatment because it provides the best results ever and that too within a very short span of time. This entire procedure can be complete in 60 minutes and the results last longer than you can think of. 

If you are looking for the safest Cleveland teeth whitening option, visit Dr. Wade immediately!

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