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Teeth Whitening In Portland, Oregon  

Teeth whitening procedures and cosmetic dentistry can add a bit of spark to the general methods of treatment and prevention of the traditional dentistry. As your smile is very important for you, your appearance and the way you feel, cosmetic dentistry helps in improving your smile by enhancing the brightness of your teeth and adding an element of spark to it. 

Dr. Fred Thompson is one of the finest cosmetic dentists in Portland, Oregon. He can transform your dark and stained smile into a brighter, whiter, straighter and a perfect smile than you could have ever thought of. 

Dr. Fred Thompson’s Dental office is located in the Gresham Station shopping center, near Portland, Oregon. He happens to be the favorite local family dentist of Portland specializing in cosmetic dentistry as well as sedation dentistry with his patients coming from Washington, Oregon and its surroundings regions. All your dental problems can be resolved here including teeth cleaning, root canals preventive dentistry, same day crowns, cosmetic dentistry and any other services that you can ask for. 

Dr. Thompson is a graduate from the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry and has been a dedicated learner. His formal education is the foundation of his skills. He utilizes his vast knowledge of latest cosmetic dentistry to give his patients their desired results. 

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure practiced here in Portland is the teeth whitening procedure. It is one of the easiest ways of removing the spots and stains from the teeth that must have been the signs of tea or coffee or smoking. While there are kits that can be used at home for teeth whitening, there are some in-office procedures as well that are safer and more effective. Also the results can be instantly seen. That’s probably why the patients here in Portland choose to go to Dr. Thompson for teeth whitening. 

Of all those teeth whitening procedures available today, Dr. Thompson prefers the in-office Zoom teeth whitening procedure. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure takes about two hours to be completed and the results are visible as you complete the session. The procedure involves the use of highly concentrated whitening gel and the special Zoom teeth whitening light. With 3 successive application of the gel for two minutes respectively after applying the gel, the teeth are exposed to the light for another twenty minutes. The color along with the temperature of the light in combination provides the energy to the teeth whitening gel for enhancing its performance. After completing each application, the exposed whitening gel is neatly removed and fresh gel is applied once again. 

Besides giving quick results, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure also reduces tooth sensitivity, which is a major concern for patients opting for teeth whitening. With Zoom teeth whitening in Portland, your teeth are likely to get less dehydrated due to the accelerated treatment unlike other longer duration procedures.

Dr. Thompson firmly believes that this is the best solution to teeth whitening in Portland, Oregon. So if you are suffering as well, feel free to seek his advice.

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