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Teeth Whitening in Wichita, Kansas 

Darkening and discoloration of teeth with age and time is one common problem. Such changes in the color of teeth are usually caused due to many contributing factors and the foods and beverages consumed are the worst enemies. However, there might be some other causes as well, including medications, certain illnesses, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use etc. All these factors can simply destroy your oral health and the appearance of your teeth as well.  

Taking all these factors into consideration, Dr. Antonie Wakim in Wichita, Kansas has come up with some of the best teeth whitening treatments to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.  Dr. Wakim provides varied options for teeth whitening to his patents in Wichita and all his procedures involve the use of state-of-the-art technologies. 

Dr. Wakim has spread his magic in Wichita and he has been treating some of the well known personalities of the state who believe that he is more than just a cosmetic dentist. He has been referred to as an excellent painter, sculptor and an artist in the field of dentistry. 

Being present in this field since 1984, Dr. Wakim primarily emphasizes in preventive and cosmetic dentistry. He has been a member of some of the prestigious organizations, such as the American Dental Association and also the Wichita District Dental Society. He earned his Undergraduate degree from the Friends University and received his Dental Degree from the Creighton University. 

Being an experienced artist, Dr. Wakim realizes the soaring demand of teeth whitening treatments in the state and it is also the most preferred service being offered by his practice. In fact we all realize that the demand for teeth whitening treatments has soared in the past few years. 

Dr. Wakim and his team of professionals do not believe in the “over-the-counter” St.Louis teeth whitening solutions. They firmly hold that these products do not work and would just be wastage of money. For proper teeth whitening treatments however, you must visit Dr. Wakim in Wichita for thorough oral check up and treatment. 

Dr. Wakim offers his patient’s one of the fastest method of teeth whitening that can dramatically remove all the stains from your teeth, thus giving the patients brighter teeth. With the use of the innovative in-office Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure, it is possible to remove all the stains form the teeth. 

The whole process takes just about one hour and is regarded as the safest and the most effective system that can give you instant results. The method is performed with the application of Zoom teeth whitening gel that needs to be applied to the teeth. After that, a special zoom light is illuminated for activating the process of whitening. With the help of this light, the whitening gel can break down the stains on the teeth and bring back the sparkle once again. 

This teeth whitening procedure is preferred under Dr. Wakim’s supervision. It is known to be the most effective procedure in the filed of cosmetic dentistry that can deliver instant results. However, this procedure is not meant for pregnant women and children under 13. 

For more details on cosmetic dentistry, you can visit Dr.Wakim in his Wichita Dental office. 

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