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Discolored teeth can be a hindrance in every sphere of life. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has revealed that Americans do place a very high value on their smiles. Their research conducted very recently has revealed that approximately 92% of Americans believe that an alluring smile is an imperative social asset. 85% of Americans believe that a person with an unattractive smile is not as appealing as someone with a bright smile, to the opposite sex. 74% of the Americans hold that having an attractive smile can be a great hindrance for their career and success and 50% Americans are simply not satisfied with their own appearance and their smile. 

The figure is quite shocking indeed, but this also reveals the cause behind the increasing popularity of teeth whitening procedures in Sacramento, California.  

Teeth whitening are all about enhancing your smile and your appearance by improving the whiteness of your teeth. As our teeth tend to lose its color with age and with all the foods and beverages that we consume, it can actually change our appearance for the worst. Dealing with these issues is no longer difficult since the advanced teeth whitening procedures used in Sacramento can help in treating these conditions in a couple of minutes. 

Dr. Thaddous Archie is one of the leading dentists here in Sacramento. He intends to provide the entire family with comprehensive dental care. Almost all the necessary dental conditions are treated here at Dr. Archie’s clinic in Sacramento including general dentistry, Mesa teeth whitening, Zoom teeth whitening, root canals, surgical services, implants and other such alternatives to cosmetic dentistry. 

A graduate of the Sacramento State University holding Degrees in Public Health, Microbiology and Clinical Laboratory Technology Chemistry Minor, Dr. Archie takes great pride in treating every individual with affection and care. Being a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, he can carry out the teeth whitening procedures with ease. 

Dr. Archie performs 2 types of teeth whitening treatments: 

  1. The In-Office power whitening

  2. At-home dentist supervised whitening

The in-office power whitening involves the use of the Zoom! power bleaching system that can give you immediate results. This type of whitening can be achieved by placing a highly concentrated bleaching gel in the teeth and then illuminating the particular region with a special whitening lamp thrice for 20 minutes respectively. In some cases, Dr. Archie might recommend an augmentation of the procedure with the home bleaching treatment as well for maximum benefits. 

The at-home dentist supervised whitening treatment involves the use of custom-made trays that fit over the teeth and firmly hold the bleaching gel placed on it. This tray needs to be placed inside the mouth and is to be worn twice daily for 30 minutes. If needed, it can be worn for longer durations as well. Patients are likely to notice the results after regular use for a period of two weeks. 

Both these teeth whitening treatments are very popular in Sacramento, California and are being used by people all over. The choice of the procedure however is influenced by the time that an individual can spend for teeth whitening. Since in-office procedures generate quick results, people prefer to opt for these instead of the at-home kits. 

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