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Teeth Whitening Advantages

Ask the mirror on the wall – what is the fairest of all in your face? The prompt reply will be two rows of sparkling white teeth! Deep inside us is a sense of beauty, which will prompt us to pick up the flower discarding the weed. Something tells us so without being taught that this item is beautiful. What a tail wag is to a dog, is a smile to man. And what is it that frames the smile? Two rows of sparkling white teeth.

Teeth whitening advantages need hardly to be underlined. It is all connected with winning diplomatic battles across grim tables to wooing your mate. Nothing works more like magic than the sparkling white teeth. If the teeth are not white but stained then according to modern fashion standards one tends to get self-conscious and smile less and smiling less means all around loss.

Smiles framed by white sparkling teeth cover up wrinkles in two ways. These actually get hidden and secondly the focus gets shifted. The white and the sparkle hold the attention. In other words the greatest advantage of it is its persuasiveness. The witch in Cinderella could trade off a rotten apple with a white smile. Bugs Bunny gets straight to our heart with a sparkle in his protruding teeth.

Why does the tooth get discoloured? There are external and internal causes. Among the external causes the prime suspects are cigarette, tobacco, coffee and tea. In the East another reason is the chewing of betel leaves with lime, nuts and spices etc. The internal disorders are related to growth abnormalities and ill health.

Today there are many ways open for whitening teeth – whitening toothpastes, laser treatment and use of peroxide. There are office bleaching methods, home bleaching packages, bonding (use or resin that is pasted on the tooth) and porcelain veneers. Porcelain facings are fixed on the discoloured tooth. The added advantage is that not only is the tooth whitened but also it can be given a new shape. The whitening pastes are very practical but some may be more corrosive than others. Bleaching can do the trick of whitening but this is only temporary. Chemically sensitive folks should contact the dentist before continuing. More than 78% respond satisfactorily to bleaching but when the stains are too stubborn then the answer is to go for crowns or veneers. Teeth bleaching is the first option because it is gentle on the purse. Wearing the mouth tray however might lead to discomfort and require adjustments to be made by the dentist.

The next option is the paint-on choice. It does away with the problems of peroxide bleaching application and the difficulty of suffering whitening strips. This does not make a hole in the pocket in comparison to other processes. Paint-on products are as safe and unsafe as bleaching. There are no extra risks. Research in paint-on has shown negligible amount of peroxide in the saliva.

Vigorous research in teeth whitening is continuing to compete with Nature’s game of wear and tear.

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